you may/may not have noticed the links at the top of the page for new TMD'ers / Vintage players ... I have big plans for that space, but I want to know if you have better ones.

What sort of information do we want to put first-up for brand-new members to see? What kind of information would you like the quickest access to (maybe in the navbar at the top of the page, maybe as a forum link, etc)

Is this a good location for rotating links to "best of vintage around the web" ? Anything else?

I definitely think once we have a site code of conduct that should be up there.

Can they set to pull from a set of posts?

A favorites button. I'd like to be able to favorite a specific thread, or bookmark, whatever we want to call it and have a quick easy button that allows me to access a drop down menu list of my favorite threads.

so there is a "favorites/bookmarks" button if you click the little "..." symbol to the right of the upvote button .... but unfortunately I haven't figured out how to actually look at the posts/threads you've favorited ... so I have no idea what it does!

I imagine links to regular Twitch streamers of Vintage and links to YouTube channels with Vintage content could be useful for new players. I know some websites that have Twitch links can even show if the streamer is online currently.

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