Cards/Decks/Strategies against White Eldrazi

@Islandswamp If I may summarize your post as saying... dang, is there a good sweeper against this deck!?... then yes, I agree... Dang. There is no good sweeper against this deck. I suspect that explosives will just be run over by the beaters. It seems to me that the odds of sweeping all the bears and then dying to a Seer or a Smasher, is an all to likely scenario.... BUT, I'm happy to test this all. I'm sure we'll see some good testing at NYSE too. Looking forward to that one.

Hey... what about Tarmagoyf? I know that's basically illegal in vintage right now.... but what about a Goyf/Thing in the Ice deck or something with just a ton of cheap meat on the table?

I think people are going about this problem all wrong. The Deck is resistant to most strategies people normally use to deal with creatures. To me, the only spot removal you should use is plow/dismember. If it doens't at least kill a thought-knot, its no good . Counters are useless most of the time cause Cavern. Misstep, Mana Drain, FoW and Fluster are just plain dead. With that in mind me and my friend both decided we needed a totally different way to try and deal with them. We though about hand disruption (cabal therapy, thoughseize etc) to kill the things your current hand cant deal with. The 2nd option is attacking the specialized mana-base they use either with wasteland/strip/ghost quarter or Bloodmoon/Magus of the Moon/Back to Basics. The 3rd and final thing we came up with was using Prison effects (blind obedience/kismet/frozen Aether) to slow them down and give us extra turns to find answers if they do manage to play their threats. Then i also realized that propaganda/ghostly prison would be awesome since they cant use the double mana u get from eye of ugin/eldrazi temples to pay to attack.

We made 2 different decks which would incorporate a mix of these 3 ideas. The one i made myself is W+U+B and uses prison cards to just stall the game till i combo out with something like tinker/robot for example. For the Haste, ive got blind obedience, which has the added extort option, but really slows them down when u get it on the play, Balance seems like its a must vs this deck, but its situational and restricted so you cant really depend on it, which is why im running multiple tutors. I also like a hurkyl in there to deal with most of their sphere/negation effects, and gives you a window of opportunity to combo out. Im also running a slight amount of land destruction with sinkhole and wasteland/strip/ghost quarter to attack whatever land they play. My creature suite is what im not totally sure on yet. Running snapcasters, to recycle the plows or sinkholes or the blue power. The idea @Brass-Man suggested to Rich during stream this week was using baleful strix, and ive found it to be exceptional vs most creatures, except the smashers, although they are weak to endbringer so u gotta make sure u play around it sometimes. I've also experimented with containment priest + Eldrazi Displacer / Banisher Priest but that plan seems sometimes shaky since they run displacer too and can use the perma banish against me. Reflector Mages can also buy you a precious turn and still have value as chumps. The displacers are also really good at bouncing your own stuff like snapcasters / reflector mages or anything else with a come into play effect if you dont have the Containment Priest in play. I've hit unlimited turns bouncing a snapcaster with the displacer naming time walk. Ancestral / Demonic tutor are also good candidates for a flashback or 5 😃

So anyways, i live in northern canada and cant attend the NYSE , therefore i decided id share some of the information ive collected, maybe this will help someone with last minute preparations. I'm hoping a few of you guys out there break away from the mold and try some of these less orthodox methods, because with the testing ive done it looks promising. IF you do, please contact me and let me know how thing performed for you.

Good Luck All!

PS: This deck strat is also strong vs dredge and oath. I didnt want to develop a simple hate deck. I wanted something that has at least even position with other archetypes, cause lets face it, you're prolly not gonna be playing eldrazi in EVERY game.

PPS: IF this deck totally fails, im working on a 2nd setup using bloodmoons, so there might still be hope!

@NinjaDazed how are you flashing back a spell more than once?

@DrStreetmention u cant lol, was just my attempt at dramatic exageration! (hence the smiley) but thanx for reading!

@NinjaDazed Ha. Anyway I enjoyed your post. I have been thinking along similar lines recently. I am going to try to push in the Esper direction for Swords, Strix, and Cabal Therapy. Also blue cards. I don't think I'm going to try to play as controlling as Back to Basics or Propoganda but we'll see where it goes. I'm looking forward to the NYSE to see what people come up with.

I could see some sort of Welder Strix do pretty well against Eldrazi. You could combine it easily with Dark Confidant, Jace, Vryn and Painter to make great parts of your deck (draw engine, discard outlet and parts of removal, stall mechanic and combo pieces) unaffected by Thorn effects. Just an untested idea.

Peacekeeper could be pretty sweet, as it ignores their sphere effects that tax noncreatures. Potentially relevant against Mentor as well, if you can both resolve and protect it.

I kind of want to try island sanctuary in a mentor deck with sylvan library. Also, could consider moat, meekstone, and even possibly enlightened tutor in a deck without black to find them. I think most people have covered the better cards/strategies already, I just think it would be so fun to play some of the old control strategies. Could you imagine your opponent's face when he gets rid of your meekstone and you respond with siren's call before his attack step.

@marcb Ironically, against most Eldrazi Decks this card is actually just a win, since they can't remove it and will deck themselves naturally being unable to ever attack. Vyrn Wingmare being a commonly played out.

Agreed on wingmare but that's what swords/path and dromoka to a lesser extent are for.

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@marcb Right. You'd just absolutely have to have one in hand and playable for that one particularly insane win condition to actually work, assuming Sylvan isn't on the board too.

@darkritual Griselbrand doesn't often need to attack. In particular, Oath lists that adapt to Eldrazi probably play Vault/Key and just kill you past Displacer.

My choice for cracking this metagame is Painter. Painter's Servant on any color hoses the ramp power of Eldrazi Temple and nearly blanks Eye of Ugin. Having reasonable access to maindeck Pyroblast works wonders to slow down some of the ramp spells of the Gush decks. Having a non-attacking win condition invalidates the Wall of Monks (tm), and Painter decks can be equipped to run either a Gush or Thirst engine (URb Painter) or the explosive mana of Mishra's Workshop (Two Card Monte).

@emidln we tested 50 games and my opponent can´t connect ones. priest, displacer, karakas and revoker all in the main deck are too much for grisel.
p.s. as a dedicated doomsday player, what would be your plan for attaking eldrazis with dd?

At NYSE I ran Blue Moon to a 5-3 record. I only faced 1 White Eldrazi deck, which I won, and the two games we played did not feel particularly close.

I'm not sure if that was due to my answers lining up against the lines he decided to take, or just that the lack of 1 drops combined with a robust mana base and Moon effects leads to a generally favored matchup, but the Moons did their job and kept the deck off of colorless mana.

I've been playing around with a mono-blue build and using Sapphire Medallion to help combat the sphere effects, and it's been working surprisingly well. It's more resistant to wasteland also, which is nice. It's more of an oldschool TurboTezz build right now, but I'm still working on the idea.

I agree with the above that any "answer" which cannot answer a T2 Thought-knot on the draw isn't an answer at all.

This means either proactively keeping the Eldrazi off of the table during your T1 (Thoughtseize) or instant speed removal that costs 1 or less (Plow, Dismember) or not caring at all if your opponent exiles your best card with a fast clock (Dredge). Other solutions like Moat, The Abyss, Island Sanctuary etc are more cute than effective IMO.

For what it's worth, Uba stax as a whole handles the deck pretty well:

Maindeck it has 3-4 Ensnaring Bridge, 3-4 crucible with 4 wasteland 1 strip Mine with 3-4 bazaar to find them. I feel like sticking an ensnaring bridge is almost always just GG, and having 5 strip mines to slow them down is huge.

Hope you all don't mind me digging this thread up.

I've been facing White Eldrazi more than I'd like recently. I've been playing it a bit too, to see what it's like from the other side. The creature heavy version has been especially problematic, while the artifact heavy ones are not too bad. Have there been any meaningful developments for blue decks without much artifact mana in beating White Eldrazi consistently while retaining their main game plan?

I've tried multiple combinations hate cards. 3x Thing in the Ice in the sideboard can win games, but I dislike the playstyle required by it. Whenever I play that card, I feel like I'm no longer playing an intricate game of Magic, but rather playing whatever to take counters off of this card.

Massacre is a card I have in my sideboard as a one-of (trying it against Survival), but I dislike it against White Eldrazi. The toughness on White Eldrazi creatures is too varied, and the deck tends to play around 1-2 creatures per turn, consistently, which is bad against a single use partial board wipe.

The Abyss is pretty good against the artifact heavy version alongside Hurkyl's and Back to Basics. It is very bad against the creature heavy version. By the time it can be cast, you're usually looking at 3-4 creatures, and are at around 8-10 life points.

Thankfully this deck is pretty bad against Shops, so it is kept in check. But that one of their lands (without drawbacks) completely invalidates counterspells often leads to boring games. Too often I've seen people just quit matches after seeing Thalia + Thorns/Sphere put to play. Which combinations cards could blue decks without a ton of artifacts use to deal with White Eldrazi without deviating too much from their game plan?

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