Cards/Decks/Strategies against White Eldrazi

@Aaron-Patten said:

Eldrazi Displacer combos with Containment Priest.

Wow! That´s really cool! Seems like a relatively clear upgrade to Mangara (for killing creatures, of course), since both creatures are otherwise relevant beaters.

Many parallels are being linked with Eldrazi decks from other formats. In legacy, miracles is a thing. Terminus: an effective low cost board wipe (which also helps it play through sphere effects).

White Eldrazi is a "fair" deck. There are many value cards, but the level of brokenness per card is quite low. With this in mind, a common way to beat fair decks is to win more quickly: combo.

Dump enough moat effects on the battlefield, and you may also be fine...

Displacer can disrupt griselbrand oath but it isn't the best at it, they can still draw a bunch of cards and deal with the displacer or combo out with vault/key or tendrils. The containment priests are the real problem. I do think that displacer is enough to give one pause about running creatures other than Griselbrand in the oath decks (such as Emrakul) because they are a dog to displacer.

@mediumsteve I feel the opposite actually, being able to oath into another guy is the best way to beat the displacer.

I think a deck set up with vamp tutor, demonic tutor, and mystical tutor with a copy of balance and maybe a toxic deluge might have game right now

@wfain I think you might be right about the tutors. As far as Oath, I can tell you that even a deck with 4 main board Abrupt Decay and four Oath, can have a tough time against White Eldrazi with 4 Priest. The Displacer is ok against the Oath, but the Priest is a huge problem. And the Wastes and the Thalias do a surprisingly good job protecting it.

I would think Balance should start to see much more mainboard play now as a creature sweeper.

@Topical_Island Balance has been suggested multiple times, but are you really prepared to potentially Mind Twist yourself in the process? Whatever you are on with balance probably top decks better than Eldrazi, but in all the matches I have watched, if the Eldrazi player has a substantial board state they usually have a very small hand. Just food for may prevent yourself from losing next turn, but if they hit the 50/50 topdeck and drop a threat how comfortable are you with your deck to follow up in kind? Once again depends on the list but if you are on white for balance you are likely either on Mentor or Humans.

Could Tyrant Oath have a better game in this meta? Seems like the additional countermagic, coupled with the ability to clear the board when Tyrant comes down would both be positives.

@p3temangus In many cases the cards you discard to Balance are already dead in the matchup. I've found counterspells to be awful against this deck and they tend to sit in your hand. This is also why I suggest the Mirage tutors as they are -1 to your hand size before you cast Balance.

@p3temangus Yeah. I wouldn't call Balance a silver bullet or anything, but Balancing away things that will never get played in the game anyway, like Force and Misstep, to leave 1 or 2 cards in your hand and clear the board... seems ok, especially when that last card may very well be a Dig, Cruise, Ancestral... etc. At least Balance provides some potentially very positive lines of play against White Eldrazi, which is more than I can say for most commonly played vintage cards right now.

So, yes. Yes I am prepared to twist my hand to kill their guys. Losing cards in hand for cards on their board is at least even and potentially just winning, at the very least it slows the game, which is not what they want.

Moat is a card that seems incredibly playable now; sadly it won't resolve easily against the LOLDrazi though.

People seem to be brainstorming about how to beat Eldrazi as an Oath pilot so I will mention that Keranos, God of Storms gets around Containment Priest and probably kills it the turn it comes online. It doesn't deal with an active reality smasher but I think it kills almost every other threat in the deck.

@Soly Magus of the Moat will though.

@Aaron-Patten That's an interesting a angle. How about a Standstill deck with Multiple Baleful Strix and 1 or 2 Keranos?

The magus creatures seem like a good idea. Magus of the Moon/Moat/Abyss all give the effects of the enchantments suggested and bypass the sphere effects from eldrazi. Ones like moat get killed by bolt, but I am guessing that the presence of eldrazi in the field will switch most decks to using swords anyway, so the particular kill spell doesn't matter.

I was brainstorming what strange cards might be good in eldrazi sideboards and came across windborn muse, which would have the added bonus of flying over moat. I doubt it would catch on though.

@wiley I'm doing the same thing right now. I just came across True-Name Nemesis... I wonder how Merfolk would test against White Eldrazi if they ran 4 True-Name.... If they can just stall the game for a while until they land multiple Lords they will eventually have too much Beef on the table for the Reality Smasher's to handle?

@Topical_Island said:

@wiley I'm doing the same thing right now. I just came across True-Name Nemesis... I wonder how Merfolk would test against White Eldrazi if they ran 4 True-Name.... If they can just stall the game for a while until they land multiple Lords they will eventually have too much Beef on the table for the Reality Smasher's to handle?

Its a potential to check into but my gut says you'll find the eldrazi overrun the merfolk before they get going. Eldrazi are generally bigger and until you have multiple lords on the table the eldrazi can outrace merfolk, out block merfolk etc.

Even a turn 3 reality smasher or thought knot seer can attack with impunity against merfolk. The merfolk player either takes the damage at a faster rate than they can dish out or sacrifices merfolk in blocking. And unless there are 2+ lords on the board the eldrazi player really is going in with impunity, killing blockers without trading out eldrazi. That 4 and 5 health for the TKS and RS make a HUGE difference in combat.

@Topical_Island I haven't tested this in Vintage. But when I have played this match in Modern, Eldrazi just run over Merfolk. They're just too large and TNN doesn't stop Reality Smasher very well.

@The-Atog-Lord Ok, I suppose that was just a stray thought, and I do believe you. Can you walk me through what I'm missing? Why doesn't TNN stop Smasher well?

Oh, yes I see. The trample. I guess I had it in my mind that it would then allow double blocks that would trade cheap fish for Smashers, or with a Lord you would reduce the damage to 1 per turn... anyway.

I really need to proxy up the Eldrazi deck and just start throwing things at it. I'm dying to see what you play at NYSE. Good luck.

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Shouldn't Engineered Explosives be good against Eldrazi? The problem (one of the problems anyway) is that pyroclasm effects don't kill spheres, and pulverize effects don't kill Thalia's and other hatebears.

E.E. can be strategically played through Sphere effects, and can wipe out every 2 drop on the board. The only issue I see is that if you're being wasteland'ed it could be tough to have the proper color and amount of mana, and if they get wise to it Revoker could shut it off preemptively. Other than that though, I really thing Explosives might be the way to go.

The other card I was trying to lean on was Massacre. I played against @sodoyouwearacape the other day and found out the hard way that the eldrazi deck can function without a basic plains! I looked at the Massacre in my opening hand and kept it, thinking I could use it, Died with it rotting in my hand.

I also have not been able to test eldrazi enough and it sucks. I really would like to get a lot of matches against the deck so I can figure out how to best approach the match up.

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