Let's face it, sometimes this website isn't the most active. Much like r/MagicTCG on Reddit, this message board often springs to life during spoiler season and shuts down again once everyone finally gets their new cards in hand. Where does the conversation go during the weeks between spoiler seasons? Are people actually playing Vintage still?

Fear not, Vintage is alive and well! There are two lively Vintage Discord servers for your Vintage needs. Whether you're a digital or paper player, the conversation continues on. Feel free to join us at one of our servers:

Digital Vintage & Archetype Discussion
Paper/Webcam Vintage

Both servers include some of the best of the best, including top notch TheManaDrain brewer Matt Murray, EW 2020 event winners Wizard_2002 and StaticGripped, and Twitch Partner/MOCS competitor Justin Gennari. Both servers are free to join and will never require any subscription fees. We hope to see you there!

Eternal Weekend Europe 2019 winner s063/Alejandro Younger and future MOCS competitor Slasher21/Ryan Haddad politely asked to be included on the "best of the best" list. This is just starting a slippery slope of successful Vintage names and faces that want to be mentioned in this thread. Let's just say there are a lot of them and leave it at that.

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Thanks for posting this. I am on the Discord but I finding it difficult to follow a single topic there. I think Discord is awesome for seeing what is happening and what people are playing but it is hard to follow a single topic through.

I think TMD can still be a great place for those discussions if people are interested.

@moorebrother1 I agree, Discord is great if you can be on it a lot, but it can be tough to have an in-depth conversation about a specific topic. Both the Discord and TMD have their uses. πŸ™‚

Hi @moorebrother1! I saw that you joined both servers and then asked the Blue Control channel if Dack Fayden was dead. It's probably a good idea to introduce yourself in the General channel and let everyone know who you are rather than "spicing up" the discussion right off the bat. It helps if people know who they're talking to!

@mike-noble Thanks for the recommendation, I'll introduce myself.

You could just post that question here too. I am interested in that discussion. I use discord for old school, but Vintage is lucky enough to have its own dedicated website so might as well use it.


Did I mention how lucky we are to have themanadrain? It takes a lot of resources to have something like this up and running. Thanks to Andy for catering to the nostalgia of a message board β€” and it’s only going to be as lively as the users that post here.

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