April Power 9 Challenge Report 3-0, 0-3.

Congrats on playing in your first P9. I hope you keep playing in them!

Here's some feedback since you said you were interested in hearing from people.

I believe your list is based off of @chubbyrain 's and is also similar to mine. In general, I'd say your biggest problem is that you are over sideboarding and IMO taking out the wrong cards.

General advice:
If you are playing against a deck without spheres/wastelands and you need to take out a card, take out the basic Island. I don't think I have ever cut more than 1 probe. Some people don't like probe, but if you are playing a deck with them in the maindeck you are disrupting the flow of the deck by taking them out.

Against gush:
I would not cut more than 1 JVP, and I don't think I'd cut any. As your screenshot indicates in your game against @smmenen if you cut the filtering you can end up with a hand clogged with removal spells when you want card draw/selection.

Against storm:
I think you are boarding in too much graveyard hate. The crypts are actually in the board so you can play them on turn 1 without disrupting your game against storm. I would instead sideboard +2 disenchant +2 crypt -1 island -1 JvP(?), -2 StP

Against dredge:
You definitely do not want 4 StP. Sometimes I leave 1 in if I expect them to have Elesh Norn. Other than Norn and to a lesser extent Kolaghan, there's not really anything you want to be StP'ing. You need to carefully look at their deck game 1 to figure out if you want to leave misstep in. Also after game 2 you should see if they bring in claim and reevaluate your decision on the missteps. Obviously it hurt you to not have the priests here.

I hope that doesn't sound too negative. Vintage is a tough format if you are not familiar with it. Conversely, the more you play the more you are rewarded for your experience.

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The kind of oversideboarding @diophan is talking about is really common in vintage (probably in magic). If you can get a handle on that you'll be ahead of the curve. Just make sure you follow it to it's natural conclusion. If you don't have enough cards in your deck to take out in order to fit, say, the Echoing Truth ... then that Echoing Truth could have been something more useful in another matchup. Adding cards to a sideboard without considering what you need to cut for them is a critical error I see people make all the time.

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