This card sits somewhere between Mentor and Pyromancer. The built in protection is actually pretty relevant since you are likely trying to kill your opponent by putting them to 0 life in a deck that runs this. Mentor is usually going to be better but it is in a typically worse color and there is some benefit to the life gain on the tokens in grindy matches.

This card isn’t close to Mentor. Mentor is exponential growth...

This card is worse than Pyromancer due to mana cost but still a good card. I suspect the mana cost will prevent it from seeing too much play because there is a lot of competition at 3.

just gonna point out the flusterstorm interaction in case anyone misses it
this will, in certain circumstances, make many more tokens than a pyro, though mentor is still almost always outdamaging it

@blindtherapy said in [STX] Sedgemoor Witch:

this will, in certain circumstances, make many more tokens than a pyro, though mentor is still almost always outdamaging it

You gain life when your dorks die, so I would not be so sure about that. In a mirror between the 2 this one can trade 50% the tokens and come out life neutral, plus it can block itself in a pinch without dying. The interaction with storm is one of the reasons I'm interested in it, as it can function as a proactive empty the warrens as well. Fluster is the obvious card to care about, but fringe cards like grapeshot might have life with this as well.

As for mentor, obviously it is better overall, but it's white and this is not. This is a good option if you want to stay in Sultai colors.

This will fight for slots with Pyromancer and Hydra, not Mentor. Once in play, this is clearly better than Pyro, so I wonder if the added mana is going to be too much for it to see play.
As comparing to Managorger Hydra, it's hard to figure out. Hydra grows way more (unless you play a 6 storm Fluster, but dies to 1 removal... I still think Hydra outplays this, but I'm not sure. Against Stax, for example, this seems better, even if for the lifegain which can gain you a few turns. I really like it.

I know I rail against comparisons during spoiler season quite a bit, but I feel people are missing an obvious consideration here:

When I search my collection for token generators in Black, I get Aphemia, Woe Strider, Sling-Gang, Haunted Dead, Liliana tLH, Kalitas, Pack Rat, Grave Titan, Bitterblossom, and Bridge from Below. I play a lot of formats and a lot of jank.

Black does not have a Vintage quality token generator outside of Bridge from Below (which has very narrow applications) and therefore this card opens up new space to explore. Black is definitely a color that can use the tokens well and strategies similar to Grixis Pyromancer become possible in combinations outside of Grixis.

The Ward ability is a bit discounted here but turning your counterspell on their removal spell into 3 damage and a 1/1 is not negligible.

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