Fact or Fiction - N.Y.S.E. Open IV

So, the coverage team is looking to take questions from the community to debate on air, after matches have completed.

Some examples could be:

  1. Is Gush worthy of restriction?
  2. Should Vintage Champs Europe be scheduled so close to Vintage Champs America?
  3. What position should Workshops inhabit within the metagame?

If you have ideas for questions, please post them here.

@Prospero I'd like to hear experts debate:

  1. How should the Vintage Restricted list be, used, given that (essentially) cards are never banned in Vintage. Should we try to prop up Vintage as it has been (as was suggested in the restriction of Chalice, which seemed to suggest that the DCI was at least in part, protecting the ability of players to play Moxen in large numbers, and to good effect), and to what extent should we let the cards themselves decide what is good and what isn't. To what extent do we make restrictions to preserve the Vintage food web as it has been, and to what extent do we let it along and let new archetypes rise to and stay at prominence, even if they have not been before?

  2. Explain the rise of deck hybridization in Vintage. In the last year we've seen, Oath mixed with Bomberman, Oath mixed with Standtill, Eldrazi mixed with Hatebear, Standstill mixed with Dark Depths... etc.
    What explains this effect within the meta? And how does it complicate our notions of deck Archetypes, given the increasingly dizzying venn diagram that is the Vintage metagame.

The long term impacts of MTGO on vintage (good and bad) as it's been known in the past and as we know it today.

How much will paper vintage magic change in the future?

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Good idea! Other ideas from the top of my head:

  1. Vintage masters: How is it going to affect paper and online vintage? Which are the most notorious absences?

  2. New division in pillars: Have some pillars disappeared? There are popped any? are there pillars at all?

  3. Fundamental turn: few months ago it was a question related to that, and would involve a decent discussion

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