[KHM] Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of Bounty

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Didn't see this mentioned yet, but Birgi is one of the more interesting cards for Vintage in Kaldheim. If you can get both Birgi and Horn in play, you are able to "draw" your deck since Birgi supplies the 1 mana to recast Top, Top provides a card in hand for Horn, and Horn lets you discard that card to exile Top (and another card). The result is half your remaining deck ends up in your exile, able to be cast, and the other half ends up your graveyard, for Yawgmoth's Will or Breach. You are also able to cast either half off of Bolas's Citadel and Horn has pretty solid synergy with Citadel. LED is also very solid with Horn since you just pitch your hand, then use LED to cast whatever you hit.

Having a flip card as part of a combo is pretty great - it means your redundant copies are part of your combo. The multiples aren't "dead" unlike Helm of Awakening or Experimental Frenzy. Imagine how powerful Breach would be if Underworld Breach and Brain Freeze were opposite sides of the same card (or Voltaic Key and Time Vault, though that is a three card combo). Both sides are situationally good and Birgi fuels some broken starts and Horn can dig pretty deep by itself given the fast mana and card draw in the format.

I'm not posting here because I think this is broken for the format...I don't assess cards in that capacity. I look for synergies and functional roles in decks that let me try something new and interesting. This is one such interaction that popped out in exploring the new set.

How does red PO sound then, it seems like a good fit for the front side and it already runs the top so it seems like an easy starting place.

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How do these double sided cards physically work when playing a game of magic? You can’t read the text on the other side. Is there a default side? Very confusing

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@lienielsen They are like other flip cards - the front side is the default side and determines the characteristics everywhere but on the stack and battlefield. When you go to cast the spell, you choose which half you want to play and pay the appropriate costs. The spell will then go on the stack as the side you chose. This can be done from your hand or elsewhere (people are experimenting with Valki, God of Lies in Legacy as you can cascade into it).

@Botvinik Sure, you can start wherever you want. I chose a Burning Wish package as this provides more flexibility and consistency while being synergistic with the Red mana from Birgi. You are able to chain Burning Wish into Wheel or Yawgmoth's Will and go off, combo with Grapeshot, decimate someone with Balance, or get Fragmentize as removal. I decided not to play PO as it makes you less reliant on Monoliths and doesn't play into the opponent's artifact removal and Pyroblasts.

Is it legendary with itself? Don't have access to modo right now,

@john-cox the two sides have different names, if that's what you mean, so you can have both out at the same time.
it's an interesting way to design things, a series of legendary cards where the second copy you draw does something without being an ETB trigger or Grandeur.

Cute, not sure it's all that good for a few reasons.

1 - You need 2 copies of the same physical card, where as with Frenzy Helm you need 2 cards out of an 8 card pool. Harder to draw into.

2 -Helm/Frenzy is cheaper to get off, and helm makes frenzy cheaper.

3 - Multiple helms compound, multiple legends do not.

4 - Frenzy is not as vulnerable to Null rod.


point 2:birgi will effectively make harnfel cheaper in many cases by adding mana

this card is at least interesting with top; infinite storm with 2 tops the same way a helm does from the front side, while the back side with a single top is some impressive ability to dig through your deck with spare mana.


Which of these three cards is best is the majority of circumstances - Cryptic Command, Dismiss, kicked Into the Roil?

Because while you are listing things that are technically true (similar to how Dismiss and Into the Roil cost 2UU and Cryptic Command is harder to cast at 1UUU), those points miss how significant of an upgrade having both effects in one cards is.

To add actual play experience, I've gone 14-6 (70% MWP) through 4 leagues with the deck and I am very impressed by it. It feels like it's not a meme but a viable strategy in the format.

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And just like that, I pulled off the 5-0 (10-0) with the deck.

Both halves of Birgi are great in this deck, as is Burning Wish.

@chubbyrain1 LOL! Love the tag line.

Sweet list. Do you think if Birgi was 4x PO, the deck would have done any better or worse?

Worse, but you are welcome to try it.

Horn is much easier to cast (since you have Shops) and gets around Pyroblast, Flusterstorm, Narset, Leo, and Hullbreacher.

Nice. Can you break down some card choices? Why Gemstones?


Because the format is pretty aggressive with hatebears, ravager shops, and dredge with creeping chills/hollow ones, and your life total is a significant resource. I found maxing out on painlands put more pressure on your life total and that you rarely lost your gemstone mines (unless you intentionally tanked them to set up a balance).


Just curious on that choice. You have a full 5 color base, but only 3 colors in the deck. What would you cut for Balance in the 75?

@vaughnbros said in [KHM] Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of Bounty:


Just curious on that choice. You have a full 5 color base, but only 3 colors in the deck. What would you cut for Balance in the 75?

The deck is 4 colors. Balance is in the SB and is a common Wish target.

Your sideboard seem a little light on shops hate did that give you any trouble in the matches you played? (Clearly not in the 10-0 but other times)

@botvinik You are pretty explosive and you have Mishra's Workshop to power things out through Spheres. In addition, Birgi is pretty strong against Thorn (and I was able to respond to my opponent copying their Sphere with Mimic Mirror by casting Ancestral then having the mana float into my main phase). Other games were won with Tinker - Robot.

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