Shops Graveyard Sideboard Strategy

Ravager Shops players: what is your approach to sideboarding against Bazaar decks? The lists I've seen lately are on 4 Needle, 4 Leyline. If that's your package, what are you cutting?

I've been experimenting with cutting my lock pieces. The Bazaar decks seem to have enough mana to play through them, and the play pattern of "FoV your Hate Piece & Mox, leave you with a Sphere that's taxing your own shit" is so devastating.

4 Leyline 3 cage 2 crypt.

Thanks Botvinik. What are you siding out?

1 Chalice
4 Revokers
1 Bolas's Edifice or whatever the stupid 6 mana sphere is called
2 fleetwheel
1 Traxios scourge of Kroog
this is the I think spheres are good case where I suspect my opponent has cut mana for more explosive cards an example would be pitch dredge, That is the most major deck I would board in so heavily against

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Where I think spheres are bad such as the more mana dense Hogaak decks
+3 bridge
+2 crucible
+1 excavation site or whatever the artifact rezing card is called
+3 cage

1 chalice
4 sphere
1 thorn
2 revokers
1 car

Its a sideboard plan best described as becoming stax but with a clock.
I should state I am running one inventor's fair in the main.

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@botvinik So then your 15-card sideboard for a Ravager Shops list is:
4 Leyline
3 Cage
3 Bridge
2 Crypt
2 Crucible
1 Buried Ruin

Just making sure I read this right.

@revengeanceful Seems like it. I imagine the main spheres + clock is the plan vs xerox, BUG, humans, and PO/breach. Cage hits oath & breach, so there's that. That just about covers 95% of any meta.

The mirror is helped by crucibles and bridges working with the buried ruin. DPS and breach you bring in the crypt and you can bring in cage vs them as well as the arcanist based blue decks. The buried ruin helps you to recur cage vs oath as well as trapping people's oath monsters on the wrong side of a bridge being very good on it's own. The shops main board already beats fair blue pretty well so handle them as normal.

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The cool part about crucible and bridge in ravager shops is
A) You can't get locked under your own bridge as long as you have a ravager in play to eat it and
B) You don't need to attack to win especially if you have a buried ruin because you can just ballista people.

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