Anyone know off the top of their head if theres any draw engines in red, green, or white? Recurring Horizon Canopy and Sylvan Library are the best things I have right now.

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In green, there's also Life from the Loam. Not technically a "draw" engine, but it is a card advantage engine. Red is a little more the top of my head I can think of Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Dreadhorde Arcanist (though this is reliant on other draw spells), as well as underpowered things like Faithless Looting. The only one that comes to mind for White off the top of my head is Palace Jailer.

I'm sure there's lots of others, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind.

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land tax
the elves package with symbiote/visionary
goblin ringleader/recruiter/muxus

Most of them are very strategy specific.

Green has Glimpse of Nature/regal force of elfball stuff. I don't think it has much else that has not been mentioned that is worth playing. Maybe some cantrips like Oath of Nissa in a very specific list?

Red has Squee, Goblin Nabob and the looting cards/bazaar. Goblins actually have a wealth of options, and red does have a new wheel effect in Wheel of Misfortune. Light up the stage is ok in burn decks outside of vintage but I feel like it would fall flat in vintage. Valakut Exploration is not something I have seen tried out to much yet but seems like it could be a very strong personal horn of greed, and Jeska's Will got overlooked because it says commander on it but it is actually just a strictly superior Act on Impulse.

White I think you'll need to look at land tax or artifacts. There is stuff like Mentor of the meek and enchantresses of various sorts but those have long been removed from the format.

There are about 100+ creatures that “draw” cards from combat. There are a few planes walkers too. Outside of that? Well you’ve mentioned the best.

Pursuit of knowledge + scroll rack!

Sylvan pairs nicely with Abundance and Convalescent Care.

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Pursuit of knowledge + scroll rack!

I don't think that actually works. Sylvan + Pursuit does, though. It was a Type 2 deck from decades ago.

Haven't seen magmatic channeler mentioned yet, that's probably the best red draw engine outside of dreadhorde while also playing blue.

Some other possibilities: Skullclamp, Palace Jailer, Wheel of Fortune

Land Tax- Scroll Rack is highly effective although it requires sacrifices both in mana base construction and in playing some number of cards that aren't good without the other piece and provide little additional value in duplicate.

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@lienielsen Sylvan is literally in the OP

It’s the only one worth mentioning

Fastbond + Courser of Kruphix + Horn of Greed

Mono green enchantress 😉

I ran Prophetic Flamespeaker in WR if you are trying to play a hatebears deck. That was awhile ago but it may still be OK. It also got around Spirit of the Labyrinth due to exile not true draw.

Spirit of the labyrinth is called hullbreacher now.

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