Hello all!
Does anyone remember this?
Also, do you think any of the decks could be updated for the present day?
Staves (aka DracomnisGT)

Yes, I remember budget decks.

Yes, they could be updated but the budget would be... larger.

good to know that people have always confused putrid imp and stinkweed imp

Which one would be best, and what upgrades would be needed to bring it up to date?
Staves aka DracomnisGT

Theres a goblins list running around that could be made budget. Elves is picking up a lot in the new set, but I don't know if it would be viable though. R/G might work. I'm trying to make a jund list with no power ( the deck runs a lot of null rods) and no duals (the deck has death's shadow and wants to fetch shocklands), I haven't 5-0'd any leagues wit it yet.

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