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What a beauty! I hope that this year we will see many of the Vintage staples reprinted with the old frame.

Happy New Year everyone!

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The set symbol I think is pretty ugly but putting the old frame on modern cards is really cool and I might buy a couple.

This card will be restricted 😆


Interesting prediction my friend.

Iam actually really excited for this


Yes. Why would/(did) they ever change the color and texture of artifact frames?

Also would be awesome if they made some time shifted cards using the beta frame.

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Because the new frames are objectively better looking. We like the old ones because nostalgia but that does not make them good just look at old v new power on MTGO for an example of what I am getting at.

@botvinik I always liked the brown artifact frames from a logical perspective as well as aesthetic. Silver might go along with metal and machinery, but brown is indicative of old, an artifact. The silver also looked too close to white when I first saw the shift as well. Brown was distinctly different from the other 5 colors and had the feel of an old, dirty, rusty artifact dug from the ground from a thousand years ago. Artifacts are rarely shiny and metallic when found.

I cannot wait to see how they screw up the foiling on these.

That being said, this set is just going to be nice because there are some key cards in that block that can use a reprint for the overall health of the game and other formats.

I wonder what frame they will use for lands though. Each of the older sets had a different frame for lands and I would really love me an old border Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in the Legends frame.

I'm sure nostalgia plays an element in my opinion, but I too prefer a distinct Brown (or any other color for that matter) for artifacts. When sorting cards, the White and Silver are very indistinguishable- especially in foil.

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