Vintage Decks for less than 76tix?

Hello all!
It's been a VERY long time since i last posted.
I'm wanting to get into Vintage on MTGO, and I have 76tix.
I'm looking at an article from 2017, which I will link below.
I'm looking at the first Dredge deck in particular. Should I play Dredge, or is there another deck I can play?
Also, if anyone has any lists, please share them.

Thanks in advance,
(aka Staves)

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mana dredge doesn't really exist anymore. there's noticeable things that make lists this old, mana or otherwise, irrelevant, the restrictions of troll and misstep.

76 tix won’t get you anywhere, but you can convert your tix to cash using manatraders. Then buy some Arabian Knights Sindbads or a SuChi. You’ll thank me later.

@LieNielsen Ok. Why would I buy Arabian Nights Sindbads? And what is a SuChi?


Su-Chi is an Antiquities exclusive, illustrated by Christopher Rush. Its a staple artifact creature that competed with Juggernaut in Old School and previous iterations of Vintage. It’s on the reserved list, so it won’t be reprinted and it will increase in value in time.

Arabian Knights is set worth collecting because of the artwork and unique vibe of the set. It’s an OG set filled with unique, playable cards with exponentially growing market values. Sindbad has been reprinted but I believe the Arabian Knights frame gives the OG version a little more glamour. It’s one of the cheapest, but playable cards in AK. I mean it’s a blue Dark Confidant. It could be useful for Old School or just let it sit in a box to collect value over time.

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@lienielsen Huh. Ok. Let me see what I can do. Thanks for the advice.

Arabian Knights is set worth collecting because of the artwork and unique vibe of the set.

The name of the set is "Arabian Nights." This set is named after a very famous collection of middle eastern folk tales known as "One Thousand and One Nights" aka "Arabian Nights." That is why there are characters in the set such as Scheherazade, Sinbad, Ali Baba, etc.

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I believe he means unique among magic sets not unique among the whole of culture.

You can also rent cards using manatraders (which I believe you can do using tix though someone who uses their service would know better than me), have access to several Vintage decks, and actually play the game.

I feel that is better advice to give to someone who came here looking to get into Vintage rather than telling them to buy Sui Chis....

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