Welcome back! (Re) Introductions

Hi everyone! I was looking for a place to just say "hi," but no one had created a thread just for that purpose.

I'm a long time Vintage player and enthusiast going back to the days before "Type 1," and it's great to be here!

Long time Vintage player and lurker and occasional poster to TMD. I'm excited about the new format for the website and look forward to contributing to the boards.

Hey everyone. Names Ben. I used to play back in the type 1 days and started playing again a few years back.

I'm living in Houston TX now and tirelessly trying to build the vintage community here. If you're in the area send me a message!


ajfirecracracker / kingneckbeard / Adam here. I'm primarily an online player of Vintage, and can be found at youtube.com/ajfirecracker and twitch.tv/ajfirecracker as well as occasionally on EternalCentral.com or right here!

I was a proxy / cockatrice player who got into Vintage "for real" with the MTGO launch in mid 2014. I'm best known for building and playing "Pitch Dredge"

Anyone who's been around for awhile knows who I am.

Vintage hasbeen, RUG Delver creator, Hits enter before he thinks, etc etc.

Hi, I'm Brendan. In the diatant past I played a lot of Type 1/Vintage and was fairly active here. Recently that hasn't been the case, but I'm two Drains and 4 pieces of power back in, ans hopefully will be more active in all Vintage in the next few weeks/months.

Hi, I'm Ben! I'm in Madison, WI, and I play MTGO and paper proxy when I can find it.

Hi! Im WIll, North east Vintage player. Shops is my go to deck ( If you couldn't of guessed). I write for Black Magic Gaming when I can find the time. Im new to TMD as a participant and look forward to contributing!

@Solemn_Storm xtreme games in Lindenhurst Illinois sometimes firs. Im trying to get something going at Pink Bunny games in Milwaukee.

My name is Jason, and I go by Gumgod or GumgodMTG pretty much anywhere that I can find a discussion about MTG. I don't play much paper magic these days, but when I do it's usually casual vintage or old school (93/94). I play in some of the player run events on MTGO and am an admin for one of the old school magic groups on Facebook.

Hi all! Looking forward to seeing the evolution of TMD. My Vintage goal for 2016 is to host a Wyrmwood Open for Vintage.

Hi all, my name is Tom. I live in central VA and I'm a very new Vintage player, just started playing my first games with a friend and plenty of proxies (after listening to podcasts and reading articles for years). Hoping to get better and learn.

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Sullivan, northeast player. pretty much exclusively play dredge. Vizzerdrix on mtgo when I bother to play mtgo which is not often.

Might as well test the site out

Name is Mike, I go by Overvoltage on most of the surface web, people (might) know me from twitch and modo [@flusterstorm on the twitters]

My go-to archetype is best classified as "blue bullshit" or "jerkoff control" depending on who you ask. Gave BUG Fish a good run RTR-Khans. Been playing vintage since roughly onslaught, was more of an extended player. Currently still more of a legacy player. Wasn't very active on the old TMD due to constant registration issues (I think my account got rolled back at some point or something) but ... yeah. Hi.

Long time magic player, fresh Vintage pilot. I'm from Europe but since there is no Vintage scene where I live, I am playing it online (matori @MTGO). I love magic, above all flavor and art.

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Finally I got the chance to be part of themanadrain (my previous registrations at the old site all failed).
I'm stsung on modo (or stsungjp on twitter and some other sites), I guess not so many people heard of me^_^. I play more or less any format but the more vast it is the better and that is why I really like Vintage because while playing Vintage I actually feel like playing Magic unlike other formats (more limited formats). I play primarily online but I'd like to participate in more tournaments IRL. So I hope we meet one day!

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Guillem here, long time Vintage player and LCV regular (normally posting LCV "official" tournament reports and doing live coverage of the league via Twitter).

Hi Everybody!

I have been a magic player for a long time, and basically have followed my Force of Wills as they rotated out of extended into 1.5. Eventually getting pulled into Vintage by the Serious guys about 7 years ago, intermittently with College and Grad school. Since moving back to Ohio in 2013 I have been playing regularly again, and have been to most of the Ohio tournies.

Hi everyone, happy to see TMD back.
I'm an old magic player from Switzerland. I started to collect cards long time ago and fall into "competitive" format around Mirrodin with affinity, then moved to 1.x with Red Deck Wins, and finally into Legacy with Tempo Tresh. Today I play mostly eternal format, mainly Legacy and Vintage when TO allows proxies, and few time one or two team sealed. I'm not yet on MTGO, but will do one day or another. I usually play control deck (Eternal Garden in Legacy, Bomberman in Vintage) and hope to have great time discussing here with all of you.


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Hi all,

My name is Dan and I'm a Swedish guy living in Poland. My user name on "old Mana Drain" was Cthulhu1975. I didn't post too much, was mainly a lurker, but I posted a bit in the original art thread. I started playing Magic in 1994 and has been a collector ever since (Beta and original art mostly). A few years ago I moved to Poland and since then I haven't played that much Magic unfortunately. Before I moved I played Vintage and was part of the evolvement of the 93/94 (oldschool) format in Sweden.

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