MTGO May 2016 Power 9 Challenge

@ChubbyRain Ok, fair enough, I am probably biased by thinking of the White list as "mine" so anything with Mimics and Endless Ones feels different. The 3 sub-archetypes definitely blur together, and categorization is hard, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Thank you so much for all the great work you do!

@Topical_Island Do creatures count as commonly played? Much of the power of the White version comes from the 9-ish Thorn effects. That's why it crushes Mentor. Also, I think you need Plows as your creature removal now, Bolts and artifact removal don't cut it.

@RandyBuehler I guess the commonly played creatures count. I'm not really in charge of definitions around here anyways. By mentioning creatures you mean block meat with meat? What creatures do you suggest against the invaders from outer space?

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I've played against some Eldrazi decks in the queues over the past few weeks, but these were Eldrazi+Shops hybrids and very soft to Oath. These white Eldrazi lists look brutal. It does make sense to me that they are weak to Dredge -- Containment Priest will stop the Zealot or Dragonlord but does nothing to stem the tide of zombies from creatures Evoked or already on the battlefield -- but I think that weakness can be fairly easily patched up with e.g. more Rests in Peace in the sideboard.

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@Topical_Island one glaring weakness i found was ensnaring bridge. exactly 2 cards in the 75 to answer it.

red white blue delver with maindeck moat seems like an incredible deck right now


How is a delver deck ever going to cast moat against thorn effects when they can't cast Jace the mind Sculptor in a denial free matchup?

@Macdeath said:


How is a delver deck ever going to cast moat against thorn effects when they can't cast Jace the mind Sculptor in a denial free matchup?

Stop. The logic will break the site.

I played 2 maindeck Moat and 2 maindeck Verdicts on Saturday. I won 1 game in 3 matches (Storm, White Eldrazi and Titi 5-Color Gush; ironically winning only G1 against Storm). 'Nuff said.

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@Macdeath I thought that card gush was all about generating mana and drawing cards

@ChubbyRain Re Round 7 - I was knackered and wanted to go to bed at this point, very much not my finest hour! Anyway, I was definitely on White Eldrazi - nearer the Spanish list, with Mimics and Endless ones rather than Randy's list. In retrospect, I don't think I like either Mimic or Endless One without Eye of Ugin.

I'm adding a link to this thread in my article this week. I figured that would be OK with you guys, feel free to message me about it if that's not the case (it won't go up for several days).

@Collecter congrats on your finish. I'll be featuring your list in this article. I like that Dredge is cheap online, and while it isn't the easiest deck for a new player to pick up, the low price tag does entice people to try Vintage on MTGO.

Thanks Ryan and Matt. These things are really informative.

Have the lists been posted to the mothership yet?

@thecravenone said:

Have the lists been posted to the mothership yet?

Dredge list with 2 serum powders won...

Who needs Serum powder when you mull to 1 in game 3 of the semi's and naturally draw Bazaar on your first try.

@vaughnbros I put that list in my article. I'm going along writing about Dredge, then the particulars of that list, and I see two serum powders. My Dredge experience is not much compared to you and others, but shouldn't that be four? I just assumed that two was suboptimal and figured if I was wrong I'd deal with it, because I am pretty sure I was correct.

The Chain of Vapor in the main, and Mindbreak Trap in the sideboard seemed odd. I wonder how well that setup worked against Storm.

@Islandswamp It should be 4. Either he/she has changed the approach to game 1 considerably or he/she got super lucky.

@vaughnbros when I was playing dredge I had an extraordinarily high percentage of games where I failed to find bazaar even with four powders. I can't imagine how bad it would have been with only two.
Still, the player is new to Vintage and I'm glad they won. I hope it inspires other new players.

@Islandswamp Yeah the only way its reasonable to cut powder is if you decide you don't want to mulligan to Bazaar in game 1. Per cut powder you lose about 4% more game 1's on mull to oblivion alone in addition to having on average a lower hand size.

@vaughnbros I had just copied @tsoatt 's decklist from back at the end of February when I originally put the deck together. I think there has been a total of two games in at least 20+? matches that I have not found a bazaar by my mull to 1. It may very well be correct to put them back in (I see the person's whose list I copied from eventually removed the chains from main and put the powders back in), but the chains main were fairly helpful against all the main deck containment priests. I would like to figure out how to either keep those, or another answer to priest in the main deck.

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