MTGO May 2016 Power 9 Challenge

Congratulations Collecter!
Thanks for doing this Matt and Ryan.
Eldrazi must be good.

I felt so good playing a win and in for the last round...only to get paired vs dredge. 😞 Brain farted in sideboarding (it turns out that Standstill isn't particularly useful) and got crushed after a couple mulligans. ggs Collector and congrats on the win. 🙂

I'm actually a little surprised that Eldrazi did so badly against dredge. You'd think an aggressive deck with Wastelands and maindeck containment priests would have a fighting chance.

Does 'combo' include Doomsday AND Storm? What about Belcher?

If so, it could be better to give TPS it's own category since it functions fundamentally different than Doomsday and is a favorite in different match ups.

-edit- okay, I see that you will add more in depth later. Thanks

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It's actually incredible that I've been playing a deck extremely similar to that white eldrazi for the past couple weeks online in queues. I guess some people picked up on it.

@RandyBuehler 8/9 of the decks we classified as eldrazi were white eldrazi. The final list did play mishra's workshop, but was super eldrazi focused so we decided to lump it in with the white eldrazi instead of with the shops list.

@desolutionist Combo was just TPS/DPS. There were no belcher players and we put doomsday and tropical storm in with gush. We might do some subarchetype breakouts later.

I didnt get to play yesterday, but thank you @diophan & @ChubbyRain for posting this each month. Big take aways from this meta and top 8 results... Eldrazi is really good 😞

Also, no Mentor in top8 is surprising, but the Matchup vs Edlrazi seems like it can be tough.

But its just awesome that we get to play and see results in this awesome format that changes day to day. Congrats @Collecter on the win!

@ChubbyRain , could we look to post a thread on the winners and their decklists (archetype) for each P9 challenge? It would be cool to have that somewhere to keep track of the winners and progress of decks 🙂

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Top 16 Decklists have been released by Wizards and linked to in the original post.

Edit: Fun Fact...2 Seeker of the Way in the top 16. That actually is a card that intrigues we as it helps race against Eldrazi and hits the board quicker than Mentor.

Edit 2: Updated the original post with Subarchetypes. We considered IcyManipulat0r's deck to be a "mentor" deck instead of Delver as it had a more expansive manabase (with Sol Ring and Mana Crypt) along with Mana Drains. Obviously, this helps emphasize that classifications are gray rather than black and white and there is no perfect system.

Edit 3: There was a rather odd bug in or google doc that affected a handful of matches in round 4 (for some inexplicable reason, the fill function skipped cell 43 and caused a misalignment of opponents to archetypes for 10 match results or so). This slightly affected the calculated win% against the field and we have updated the initial table.

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@diophan FWIW, I'm pretty sure I beat an Eldrazi list in round {5?}, dealing it a 3rd loss, that was not a White list but instead the list called "Stompy" on MTGGoldfish (Eye, Mimic, Endless, one, etc) so I suspect it's 7 white out of 8. At this point I feel like there's 3 (known) ways you can play 8+ Eldrazi: Shops, Stompy, and White.

@RandyBuehler What commonly played cards in the meta do you think are already good against any of the known Eldrazi builds?

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Correct me if I am wrong but I have you down as playing Eldrazi once in Round 7 (@sodoyouwearacape). I think I remember watching this match and don't believe it was a particularly drawn out affair (so we don't get to see much of decks involved). Because of this, we try to watch a couple of matches and I believe your opponent played a Thalia in one of them, which is why we considered the deck to be White Eldrazi despite it being more Eldrazi tribal in nature.

Edit: Without having lists, there is only so much we can do.

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@ChubbyRain Ok, fair enough, I am probably biased by thinking of the White list as "mine" so anything with Mimics and Endless Ones feels different. The 3 sub-archetypes definitely blur together, and categorization is hard, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Thank you so much for all the great work you do!

@Topical_Island Do creatures count as commonly played? Much of the power of the White version comes from the 9-ish Thorn effects. That's why it crushes Mentor. Also, I think you need Plows as your creature removal now, Bolts and artifact removal don't cut it.

@RandyBuehler I guess the commonly played creatures count. I'm not really in charge of definitions around here anyways. By mentioning creatures you mean block meat with meat? What creatures do you suggest against the invaders from outer space?

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I've played against some Eldrazi decks in the queues over the past few weeks, but these were Eldrazi+Shops hybrids and very soft to Oath. These white Eldrazi lists look brutal. It does make sense to me that they are weak to Dredge -- Containment Priest will stop the Zealot or Dragonlord but does nothing to stem the tide of zombies from creatures Evoked or already on the battlefield -- but I think that weakness can be fairly easily patched up with e.g. more Rests in Peace in the sideboard.

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@Topical_Island one glaring weakness i found was ensnaring bridge. exactly 2 cards in the 75 to answer it.

red white blue delver with maindeck moat seems like an incredible deck right now


How is a delver deck ever going to cast moat against thorn effects when they can't cast Jace the mind Sculptor in a denial free matchup?

@Macdeath said:


How is a delver deck ever going to cast moat against thorn effects when they can't cast Jace the mind Sculptor in a denial free matchup?

Stop. The logic will break the site.

I played 2 maindeck Moat and 2 maindeck Verdicts on Saturday. I won 1 game in 3 matches (Storm, White Eldrazi and Titi 5-Color Gush; ironically winning only G1 against Storm). 'Nuff said.

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@Macdeath I thought that card gush was all about generating mana and drawing cards

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