This may be too expensive, and I think shops is much more able to close games quickly nowadays, but...this looks like a big upgrade to any draw engine shops has ever had.

6 mana isn't hard with shops, and cards like Staff of Nin, God-Pharoah's Statue, etc. already see play. It seems you could drop this at about the time your hand is empty and the following turn draw 3 and drop all 3 cards between land drops, mana accel, cost reducers...and just ancestral every turn thereafter for 3 mana. Is that not good? In a shops build that is primarily lock (like Golos stax), I'd think this could pull you way ahead. That deck specifically tends to get into top-deck mode and sometimes misses threats, allowing the opponent to get back in it. This might be worse than something like mystic forge, but it might be a complimentary draw engine to it.

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Doesn't do enough to cost that much mana.

This is a reprint and has been around for years now. (like, 6 years)

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6 mana do nothing. 3/4 mana, draw 3 cards. Too expensive.

LOL - I've never seen the card before, and I'm guessing that answers the question (not good enough)!

This thread was fun to read. I actually still have the prebuilt this card actually originated in.

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