Mill 26 and potentially boost storm for Brain Freeze.

Losing to Krark's flip on your Flusterstorm seems like one of the better things you could do, I think I would start there. Also its worth mentioning that Ravenous Trap is unaffected assuming it's condition is met. Seems to me his largest downfalls are that you almost certainly won't be running the up-to-12 various Forces that are available and that he is miserable with a Sphere around, but those can be mitigated in deckbuilding. I'm assuming that anyone playing this card is accepting the addition of greater variance to a high-variance game and ignoring that argument.

gitaxian probes
lava dart ?
shattering spree

it's damn exciting even in a fair deck

I think it does “counter” the spell by returning it to hand. It’s just like Venser or unsubstantiate

Oh, I'd run this in an aggressive Death's Shadow deck with phyrexian mana. Surgical and Probe would be great with this. Add bolts and key blue cards and seems you'd have a fast clock.

@evouga said in Krak, the Thumbless:

@protoaddict said in Krak, the Thumbless:

Archive Trap

Helping your opponent stock their graveyard is always a rather dubious strategy in Vintage, but wow, mill 26 for 0 is certainly efficient enough to deserve respect.

I am also a fan of this archive trap plan.

@botvinik Good in combo with ravenous traps to avoid shnanigans.

Oh, I also, if I read this right, if you use this with Sea-Gate Stormcaster, the copy is of the spell is not cast, so it will resolve no matter what. That's a potential of 9 Bolt damage for 3 mana. That could be some nice tempo play.

@wagner you meant 3 mana, right? And that's not counting Krark himself., which would be 9 damage for 5 mana and 3 cards...

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Dreadhorde Arcanist also works really well with this card since if you lose the flip it doesn't get exiled due to how Arcanist is templated.

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