Magic is memory.


And we miss it. We want to return to the time when it felt new, or when Standard was good, when we were winning more, when all our friends played, when our schedules let us play more often, when Wizards designed balanced cards. We miss the old feeling.

(not by me)

The past 3 years we rebuilt our vintage community here in Chile. While Covid we have been in a break, it awesome have this guys that you can play, laugh and drink. Just a monthly tournament was enough to pull back all that memories from 14 years ago.... is so awesome.
Magic maybe have change, and some guys too, BUT everybody love to have a good time in a good community.


(I wrote this.) Thanks for sharing this, Sam. This was an enjoyable project for me to work on. 7000 words, so I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for not reading. But likewise, I’d love anyone’s feedback.

I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

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