Jace, Mirror Mage 1UU
Legendary Planeswalker — Jace (Mythic Rare)
Kicker 2
When Jace, Mirror Mage enters the battlefield, if Jace was kicked, create a token that's a copy of Jace, Mirror Mage, except it's not legendary and its starting loyalty is 1.

  • 1: Scry 2.
    0: Draw a card and reveal it. Remove a number of loyalty counters Equal to that card's converted mana cost from Jace, Mirror Mage.

This card seems like a solid 3 mana planeswalker in vintage due to the relatively low converted mana costs of cards in Vintage decks like Xerox or Bug. Even hitting a Force or DTT doesn’t seem like a terrible trade off. It also has the upside of being able to be kicked for additional card advantage.

Not a relevant vintage card. For 3 mana most walkers do so much more for you.

Narset takes the first slot from where this guy would sit 99% of the time. It would just be Narset if she was not restrcited. Past that point and depending on color your options include 3feri, Oko, Ashiok, and many ore, or if you want to spend 4 any number of better mono blue walkers.

I think the best way to think about this walker is in relation to two cards: dark confidant and Dack. You ask yourself when would I rather have him than DC and the answer I can come to is if you were playing a R/B delver/pyromancer/arcanist style deck with a very low curve, only 2 colors, and a few massive spells it could be awkward to take on the life total like delve cards and blightsteel. It could well have a home there unfortunately that is the exact type of deck where Davk shines most. He lets you replace the blightsteel (if you chose to run it) with a real card, gets rid of the extra lands you don’t need because of your low curve, helps with the iffy shops matchup, and fuels delve. Because of this I don’t think jace really has a home in vintage the only place where I would really run him the slot is occupied by a walker a) I already often don’t run all 4 of and b) is more synergistic with the deck.

Mabye if they printed more mana drains and big blue became a thing again it would have a good niche but as is I find it a hard card to be hopeful about.

Solid point, I think there are times were the difference between a planeswalker and a creature are relevant, but I think the dack comparison is most apt. I can imagine it being relevant in something like RUG or BRUG planeswalkers depending on your meta, but Dack seems like it will generally be better.

My friend told me it isn’t good because it doesn’t immediately answer a creature. Is being able to answer a creature a necessary condition for a good planeswalker?

@lienielsen I don't think it necessarily has to answer a creature, but it needs to significantly impact the board or add a solid level of CA in it's first activation.

Dack can't answer creatures unless it's an artifact creature, but it immediately steals an artifact and is +1CA by subtracting a permanent from your opponent and adding it to your board. His +1 also can be virtual CA if you are pitching blightsteel or useless cards for better cards.

Narset automatically replaces itself while simultaneously stopping your opponent's ability to draw cards.

This Jace, for the same CMC, replaces itself and likely dies in the process or does scry, which is neither CA nor board effect. To scry and then draw a card that doesn't kill Jace, you've spent two turns just to cantrip. That's bad. This card is really weak without the kicker, and by then you could be playing 5cmc walkers which should flat out end the game, like Tezzeret.

@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Jace, Mirror Mage:

+1CA by subtracting a permanent from your opponent

Actually is +2 CA!

@lienielsen I'd say it's not good to treat "must answer a creature" as a hard rule, but it is true that most good planeswalkers have the ability to do that.

A more nuanced way of thinking might be ... if the metagame has a reasonable amount of creatures, a planeswalker without the ability to defend itself isn't likely to last very long. That means if the rest of your deck is very good at stopping things from attacking, you have a lot more room to play with. As a counterexample, one of the most successful planeswalkers in Vintage history was Tezzeret, the Seeker, which was used with Time Vault to take infinite turns. Tezzeret can't defend itself, but A) in many cases you didn't NEED it to survive more than a turn, and B) it was successful in a time when there were fewer creatures in the metagame.

I wouldn't say self-defense is a hard-and-fast rule, but I think what your friend was getting at makes sense in this case. If your opponent has a 2/2 in play, this card when un-kicked is probably going to draw 1 card before dying, and with kicker it'll probably draw 3. Considering it ONLY draws cards, it's fair to compare it to other draw spells, and in most situations you can do better for 1UU or 3UU mana. If your opponent doesn't have any creatures then you might draw 4 or 5 cards off of this, but a Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Dack Fayden would get you much much further in that situation.

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Thanks for the responses! I can see why this planeswalker may not make the cut except for as a fringe card drawing spell. I admit that when I saw it, I was thinking about all the other great 3 mana Planeswalkers, not realizing that this Jace might as well just be a Jace Beleren.

I feel like this could still be an option along side Jace Beleren for hitting islands in a Stasis deck, but that’s pretty far from the mainstream competitive metagame.

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