Ha now my Mishra taps for 4 mana!

The abilities are insane but the 5-mana price tag damps my enthusiasm somewhat. If you're resolving 5-CMC artifacts, what else are you hoping to ramp into?

Of course there will be some games where you have a strong board presence already and the Monument pushes you over the edge. But is that really what Eldrazi or Aggro-shops needs? In other situations where you're mana-flooded and have lost the initiative (due to your board getting picked off by removal e.g.) the Monument doesn't do much, whereas something the The Immortal Sun both disrupts the opponent and helps you draw back into a competitive position.

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Aggro shops? But why when you can gain SO MUCH life off of Paradoxical Outcome? It even makes all your Ornithopters, Phyrexian Zero Drops, and Memnites a win condition in case you don't storm out.

Feels very win more to me. With all the extra mana you'll run out of cards to play in shops unless you are also starting to play big things that draw cards, which has not been shops strategy for some time. There will be matches where you go wide on board with a hangerback walker and then this wins because of the double anthem, but that feels like it would be rare. Also, does not protect itself and your playing your cards at Sorcery speed, so this will get removed pretty quickly in most games if you slam it.

@protoaddict I noted aggro shops specifically because I don't think this does anything good in STAX or Golos. But if we get some ravager/hangarback/stonecoil/revoker builds, maybe adding back genesis chamber like in old days, this could double anthem a board and boost the win rate/speed. Worst case, you are gaining 2-4 life a turn which helps in aggro matchups or when you've been able to hold back storm from winning turn 1. If they need to storm 20 to knock you off 40 life, it may help.

@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Forsaken Monument:


When you tap a permanent for colorless, add an additional colorless

If I were to tap workshop, would this additional colorless be hindered by the, "only spend me on artifacts," clause? If not, another edge case for this card is that it allows workshop to activate your factories. It also doesn't care about null rod, so it mitigates some of the pain of lost artifact mana by allowing your lands to tap for extra.

Those things being said, I don't think I want to windmill slam this onto the table turn 1, but I might want a couple copies in the 75. The +2/+2 on everything is a good clock.

@Thewhitedragon69 — love where you're going with this.

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The artifacts-only rider applies only to the original 3 colorless mana. The extra colorless mana can be spent however you like.

This is because it’s the Monument’s triggered mana ability, and not the Workshop itself, generating the extra mana.

Compare to “Whenever you tap a permanent for <>, it adds an additional <>” which would be affected by the rider.

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