So game one is not great but games 2-3 pick up for you? Also I can see how Knight could be quite unpleasant for me.

To be clear I entirely agree archon is not dead against me I run 1 basic that card is hung to hurt.

@vaughnbros Agreed. This is why I run 4 Once Upon a Time and 3 Dark Confidant. To me this is analogous to running Preordain into better draw spells. I know it's not a 1-for-1 comparison, but I also run permanents that net me 2 or more-for-1's so I think I make up some ground there. For sure, I haven't quite found the sweet sauce to consistently crush the Wrenn/Oko Walker lists (I'm probably only about 45-55 in those matchups and the top players generally get me) despite running brutal hate like Choke. At the end of the day, that matchup is wayyy too swingy for my taste. It's funny, I tend to beat things on the extreme ends of the "do dumb shit" Vintage spectrum with ease (PO, Dredge, Doomsday, DPS, Golos Shops) and struggle more with the decks that aren't as all in on any one engine (Hogaak-Vine, Wrenn & 6, latest versions of Brian Kelly Oath). It is surely an ongoing frustration of mine, but I'm doing my best to mitigate some of those advantages by learning how to PLAY the matchup better. I think I'm pretty optimized on the CARDS to run to hate on those matchups, but perhaps my play patterns aren't entirely on point.


Would you mind if I cloned your list and tried it out? I think it looks like an interesting deck and I would like to see what all this humans buzz is about.

Absolutely. I'd be honored. Let me know how the testing goes.


I agree that Once Upon a Time feels like a preordain in creature heavy decks. I think planeswalkers are better than Bob. I just don't like 1 toughness creatures though against Wrenn, and Ballistas.

It's true that wrenn is an issue, but ballista is a) not played much, or b) answerable by an ouphe.

Also, the reason I don't do walkers is precisely because of OUAT. You need your creature count to remain high to make OUAT worth it in the first place.

@psyburat said in [ZRN] Archon of Emeria:

Maverick featuring three Archon of Emeria went 4-2 in this past Sunday's Vintage Challenge, getting 15th out of 44 players and a strong enough finish to get published:

I know, that's my friend Guli. I helped him finalize his list. 🙂

@Stormanimagus Hushbringer is an amazing card I have never seen before, nice find. Were the Aspirants better than Mayor or Mikaeus? I seen the synergy with the Bogbonders, but besides that, I was just wondering how often they lead to a win vs loss in extra damage output.

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