Something for fun that I wanna make "competitive"

Now that Fastbond is unrestricted, I was wanting to try and make a "lock out" deck involving the card Limited Resources. The idea being to get Limited Resources in play asap, then get 10 lands down, and lock out the opponent. Ofc this would have to be complimented by things like wasteland/strip mine, and Null Rod/Stony silence. All I'm looking for is idea's of cards that I could use in a "lock" shell of, say:

4 x Fastbond
4 x Limited Resources
4 x Stony Silence

My first thought, which is probably super biased and totally in the wrong direction, is to go Enchantress. So, from my thoughts, these cards might be good options:

-Enchantresses (there's a plethora now, choose as you want)
-Crucible of Worlds/Zuran Orb/Dark Heart of the Woods/Ramutap
-Enlightened Tutor
-Treasure Hunt (can let you "combo" out in one turn for the lock)
-Mystic Remora
-Force of....insert Names and amounts needed
-Additional Null Rods/Ophes
-Green Suns Zenith (if running Ramutap, Enchantresses, Ouphes)
-Win Conditions

If you were to try out this idea, what other cards would you use? Armegeddon/Ravages of war? Propaganda? Any idea's and thoughts are welcome, I just wanna be able to have fun locking people out, while possibly also winning a game or 2 with it. Thanks, any and all help appreciated.

Natural Balance
Squandered Resources

Squandered Resources is very interesting. How would I use Natural Order to my benefit? Maybe I'm missing an interaction.

You would sacrifice all of your lands to squandered then natural balance back up. ~Ye' ol Mike Long deck.

You most definitely want Horn of Greed. With Horn and Limited Resources, you could, in theory, play fastbond with land #1, workshop, horn of greed, then lands into more lands until you drop LR on the same turn. otherwise, you'll never hit 10 lands turn 1. Most vintage decks can win on 1 land, though, and some with 0 it's gonna be tough sledding to be competitive with this strategy.

Maybe a dumb question, have they came out with a card that won't let you play spells that cost more than the lands you have in play yet? That would be a great card behind this idea.

@serracollector Nice! Lavinia for sure. Solid plan.

Actually...If you just play Lavinia, Crucible, and strip/waste, you kinda are already doing what this deck is trying to do in a much more concise package. Of course, there's always land, bolt/plow/REB that destroys that soft lock...but I dunno how you're going to stop land drops before turn 2 reliably ever.

You'd need lavinia + thorn/sphere/trini + crucible + strips...and then you may as well drop lavinia and just sphere/strip them out and be stax. maybe Thalia/Glowrider in a humans shell. I'm having trouble seeing this be a consistent win in a typical Vintage meta.

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Well, the idea is to get Fastbond out asap, and then something like Treasure Hunt to drop 10 lands, then Limited Resources, and lock the opponent out of playing lands. Competitive? Meh. Fun, definitely. So with the idea of a Bant style list Lavinia could definitely fit the bill. I will work on a list or 2 over the next few nights, and try some games on cockatrice. Once I have a list that's halfway decent, I'll post it, and we can all work from there. Thanks everyone so far for all the idea's!

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