How does one correctly target several different targets with Flusterstorm in MTGO?

Stupid question maybe but MTGO is very unclear on indicating in what order one should do the clicks if one wants to use a resolved flusterstorm with X storm copies to target more than one target spell (or opposing storm copies). I always end up missing one target or accidentally targeting one of my own storm copies, and the whole idea of ending the counter war fizzles. So if anyone could be so kind as to give a step by step walk-through of how to do this correctly, it would be much appreciated. Best regards, the noob : )

@kistrand You click on another spell to change targets and click on the button to choose the "same target". I think the same target button refers to the current target, so if you change targets then click same target, it targets the second target with that copy (I am not 100% on this as it has become somewhat second nature - MTGO is also down now so I can't confirm).

My approach is to know how I am dividing flusterstorm copies before I cast the spell. If I am trying to counter my opponent's flusterstorm, I choose the same target once to target the original spell twice (since I have one extra storm) and then go down the line clicking on my opponents copies. Clicking the same target first makes sure you don't accidently target your flusterstorm with the extra copy. Hopefully that helps.

EDIT: Confirmed that the same target button does NOT change with the target. I was mistaken. It looks like all copies target the original target by default and you then choose for each copy whether to keep the same target or click on the other spells you wish to target. It also goes through the copies based on their position on the stack (top most copy first or rightmost on MTGO)

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@ChubbyRain Sounds like a good way to do it. I'll practice in solitaire mode once MTGO is up and running again. I think, nonetheless, that the visualization in MTGO could be more self-evident in clearly separating your copies from your opponent's copies etc. but that's nothing we can do much about.

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@kistrand MTGO is widely regarded as a quality and intuitive program. It is unfortunate it is deficient in this one way.

Using a foil version of Flusterstorm in your deck can help distinguish it from your opponent's. The Legendary Cube prize pack version also has a slightly different border and is quite a bit less common than the Commander or VMA versions.

Of course this strategy gets less useful the more people that use it.

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