Vintage 101: Time After Time

Hey I like you Joe but I have to give this article some criticism with regards to your comment about Goblins. You said tribal goblins has never existed before in Vintage, however in the earlier days of Vintage it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a goblins deck (or two) at a local tournament.

I won my very first piece of power after defeating a goblins deck in top 4 sometime in 2005/2006. I’ve also played it on MTGO as soon as Vintage became a playable mtgo format and put up multiple 3-1s or better in the dailies. There have also been others in recent years to play blue based goblins in mtgo vintage events.

You also must realize that Goblins used to dominate Legacy and anytime a local store would run a Vintage event, it would be easy to port. Just throw in Chalices, Null Rods, Blood Moons, etc. and blue decks can have a surprisingly difficult time against it. And I’m not even talking about Food Chain goblins which has also been a thing.

Goblins actually has a history in the format. It doesn’t have much staying power, but it’s definitely been a thing. Restricting Chalice hurt it quite a bit.

Here’s a 143 post thread on Goblins from 2012:

Here’s one my lists from 2014:

And I assure you there is a lot more than this out there. It’s a shame we no longer can use because I would expect hundreds of results containing goblin tribal.

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Thanks for the feedback! I really greatly appreciate it. I'm certainly not perfect!

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