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I know we have had Oracle of Mul Daya since zendikar but I believe this is the first 3 mana land future sight that also seems to function as it's own wincon.

Wondering if there is not a Fastbond build out there, maybe using top and fetches to slap your deck into play. It could go off with Depths / Stage or just play out a bunch of lands to have Radha be able to pump to lethal levels.

Either way I like the design and she seems like a very solid commander for EDH.

i think courser is still just better with fastbond due to negating the damage if one wants this effect.

I can't see this being a thing in vintage, I imagine decks that want that effect would sooner take Courser, and lot of the more successful Fastbond decks aren't interested in Courser anywho. And a lot of the more successful fastbond decks are also not particularly good.

In standard, I could see it having potential, and in casual play a legendary creature who cares about lands could certainly be fun.

I really like her in a Keeper style build.

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