this card is triggered by creeping chill. likely much better in modern where the ability can be activated than here, but it is a 3/1 that comes back from the graveyard for 0 mana.

What other GY effects can trigger this?


Finally a reason to run it other than me liking the card!

@vaughnbros Smiting Helix. cauldron familiar, if you've got enough of them and enough food(this will matter in standard). gnaw to the bone. 3x firemane angel.
oh, and Uro. they really just didn't care what was in standard when they printed this card, did they?


Firemane Angel + 1 Golgari works for a 0 mana loop as good 0 mana loop creatures are a limitation of manaless. Ichorid is really ineffient to kill with if you are locked off Dread Return.

It's a really cool card, I do think it's just not strong enough in the face of the other options dredge already has. The lifegain is workable, the End of the turn bit that kills if for me because it feels like Prized Amalgam is just better.


The EOT clause is not good, but other than not being Blue, this is way better than Amalgam as it triggers without another creature entering. The fact that it wants you to Dredge Brownscale also allows you to play the green count for Force of Vigor. I’d viewing it as manaless Bloodghast that is a little bit slower in exchange for not needing lands in your deck. Browscale is comparable to dredging Dakmor Salvage.

Perhaps though the best way to play it is with Bloodghast and Amalgam. Really maximizing that grind factor. Your creatures all being recurrent and don’t kill themselves at EOT.

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