Chandra's Incinerator

~this~ costs 1 less for each non-combat damage dealt to opponentsthis turn.

Whenever you deal non-combat damage to an opponent, ~this~ does that much damage to a creature or Planeswalker that opponent controls.

Now, I know the Lotus, Bolt, Bolt, drop this turn 1 play is Xmas Land, but does this have any merit in a heavy burn list? A 6/6 trampler for 1-2 Mana after burning ops face seems good. Even 2 mountains, fireblast gets this into play turn 2. Thoughts?

Name a burn deck in vintage? Listen, no one wants a mono red burn list to happen more than me but without disruption literally every other deck is more consistent/powerful.

I also think this is not strong enough to start with, probably would rather have more direct burn anyway. The idealized play in burn isn't even bolt bolt this guy anyway, its still swiftspear bolt which only gets 5 damage down.

Non-combat damage. Swifty don't help that

Even more my point then. You would have to build an already suboptimal deck (in vintage anyway) to be less optimal to make this work.

The absolutely best burn deck in this or any format is going to be the one that kills your opponent before they can come online, and this feels even slower than a traditional list with 20 bolts, fireblast, goblin guide and swifty.

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