This spell costs 2U less to cast if you have cast instant or sorcery this turn.
Flying, Prowess
When it ETB scry 2


This seems spicy. 2 mana flying prowess in blue is tarmogoyfish or at least delverish, and he fits the delver shell pretty well. I know delver is not in vouge right now but this can close out games very fast.

Gee, I'm sure glad blue is finally getting some awesome creatures to go along with delver and snapcaster to corner the "efficient/powerful" creature market. It was so unfair that blue was limited to just having the best instants and sorceries in the game.

Next up - blue artifacts, enchantments, and lands!

Urza's Vice - U - Artifact - During each opponent's upkeep, that player loses 1 life for each card they have in their hand.

Oath of Urza - 1U - Enchantment - During your upkeep, if you have more instants or sorceries in your graveyard than any opponent, exile cards from the top of your library until you reveal a non-blue card. You may cast all spells exiled this way at any time without paying their mana cost.

Urza's Workshop - Land - T: add UUUU to your mana pool. This mana may only be used to cast blue spells or activate abilities of blue permanents.

Seems fair.

This is a nice little card. Would have made a real splash if it was printed in the 4 Gush, 4 Gitaxian Probe era, but there's a lot of competition and not much need for "it just attacks" cards in blue decks right now.

@protoaddict haha okay, fair enough 😁 I guess I meant "just attacks and blocks" but you're not wrong to call it out. On that subject, Tarmogoyf is probably the stronger defensive card, though this is probably better than Goyf at attacking, and better at blocking than a Young Pyromancer.

I guess I don't have any idea how to evaluate "Scry 2"... maybe that's enough to buy it a spot somewhere

I'm sorta looking at it in the same light as sprite dragon, with the upshot that you don't need red if that is what your deck is. It is likely slower and maybe a bit grindyer, but a better top deck as the game goes on and the scry 2 is of some sort of value.

Illusory Angel 2.0 is a weird thing to get bent out of shape over.

@80percentbuffoon But this one's better because it combos with the newly printed Anticipate 😄 (old inside joke, I couldn't resist)

Presence costs one less mana which is the difference between an auto-include Demonic Tutor and a fringe-player Grim Tutor. But Illusory Angel is no Grim Tutor, so you might have a point.

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