I've been testing Brian Kelly's Esper mentor list from the VSL quals: http://magic.wizards.com/en/MTGO/articles/archive/magic-online/vintage-super-league-season-5-decklists#Kelly lately and I am having an extremely hard time winning any games at all with it. I know I am not even one tenth of the player Brian is so that is probably a large reason for the poor performance but I also feel that the list has too few ways to deal with creatures. But what are your opinions on Brian's list? How would you alter it to the current MTGO meta? Or should it be played as it it, even given the current metagame with mentors, TiTis and 5c humans 🙂

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@kistrand That exact list seems pretty bad if you're seeing a lot of 5 color humans. The big answer would be to just can it and try something else. A smaller answer might be to try a main board swords with a couple in the board... like tune it up for a more creature heavy meta. Or heck, try something aggressive if you're just seeing Humans all the time. Balance? Porphyry nodes? The Abyss...? Humans won't see that one coming. If you have some hammers to drop on them from the board the match-up might feel better. What % of games do you see creature agro?

@Topical_Island Thanks for your reply. I don't know about the percentage maybe it's not as much as it felt like 🙂 I should stress, perhaps, that this is not my main deck. I just wanted to test it out but then got so mad when I lost all the time and just wanted to learn the deck better and kept trying, and trying and trying. Clearly, creatures are a problem but as you write they can be battled. I also think, from watching Brian play this list, that one should mentally see the Tendrils line as maybe even a more plausible win condition than the Mentor line (something which maybe hasn't yet sunken into my own mind) , which still would mean that you need to hold the line long enough for that to work. Anyway, I might still give it some tweaks and keep playing and learning since I feel that you learn just as much from losing as from winning.

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