Announcing the Vintage Quarantine Bonanza!!

I'm very excited to announce this tournament! I've been working all day to get the small details figured out, but here it is! Details about the tournament can be found at the form below. I'll see you all on May 2nd! Let me know if you have any questions!

Is this done using webcam to watch eachother?

@tittliewinks22 It is, yeah. There's a Discord and Facebook group both dedicated to helping folks get set up and finding games. I think discussion of this event will be taking place in both.

Hello everyone! I wanted to give everyone a few updates on the Vintage Quarantine Bonanza!

The first update regarding the Bonanza is that we are dropping Challonge. The mods of the Paper Vintage discord decided that Challonge is not the best software to be using for the tournament in that we have still not been able to correctly simulate an actual tournament. We want this to be the best experience you can possibly get for playing in a paper tournament. With that, we have decided to use We do recognize that this will be a little more cumbersome for the tournament in how to best report matches as well as posting standings and announcing pairings. To help mitigate these logistical problems we have decided to move the tournament onto the Paper Vintage Discord Server. This will be done so that we can better announce pairings, standings, and record match results in real time. If you need help with getting into the Discord Server, reach out to myself or any of the other mods of the Paper Vintage discord server.

The next change is that we will be streaming the event! We will be streaming this event at Roland has graciously written up documentation that you can find in the MTGPO Facebook group as well as the Paper Vintage Discord server in the #getting-started channel in how we will be streaming the event. This will be done using We had great success using with MOD on Monday. With this, you’ll be asked to set up your stream as close as you can to what can be seen in this video {}. If you would like help with your setup, or need help understanding/using, you can reach out to the mods of the Paper Vintage discord server.

With these changes, I would also like to announce that this tournament will also contain door prizes. Most of the door prizes will be inexpensive staples to the format. The grand prize will be a playset of Force of Vigor. Players who stick around till the end of the tournament will be eligible for receiving door prizes. More prizes will be announced at a future time.

Registration for this event will close at 11:59 PM EST on May 1st. You will need to have a decklist submitted in order to participate. If you do not, I will be reaching out to you for a decklist. I’m planning on writing an article for this tournament and I want to share all of the spiciness that y’all are playing.

Registration can be found here:

Paper Vintage Discord:

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that this event is still happening and we'll be starting at Noon EST on May 2nd!

@jebidiah252 I can’t access the server. Can I please still participate in the tournament? Thank you.

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The event was really fun and allowed me to play paper since quite the while, thanks to the organisation!

Dang, I missed this. Let us know if you're thinking of doing another @jebidiah252

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Vintage Quarantine Bonanza on Saturday, May 2nd!

Whether it's through playing the entire tournament or helping on the back end, you guys make paper Vintage amazing and I can't thank you enough. I also want to give a shout out to @chubbyrain1 for breaking down the tournament's data into a metagame analysis. We surely felt the impact of Companions in Vintage that day!

Below are links to my Vintage Quarantine Bonanza tournament report as well as all 29 decklists and Matt's Metagame Analysis! The report covers what happened that day as well as the impact of Lurrus on Vintage. Enjoy!

Tournament Report:
All 29 Decklists:
Matt's Metagame Analysis:

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