We've come a long way since Wizards School...

Maybe a one-of in some decks? Was the game really crying out for fetchable trilands though, yikes...

These should have been shocklands, but with lightning bolt damage. Untapped if you take 3. That would make these playable in all formats. As is, ETB tapped probably takes these out of Vintage/Legacy.

I'm truly surprised these were printed. These are going to be hyper valuable (for standard cards) because they are going to be forever staples in EDH and maybe even modern as there are a few decks that are ok to play CITP tapped lands off a fetch already. Or like amulet titan nonsense. They are also turn 2 domain 5 enablers but I don't think that is relevant now days.

I would not be surprised to see vintage decks float 1 copy for very specific reasons, but it's not impactful here like it will be elsewhere.

I could see Jeskai running one of these to smooth things out a little, but overall probably not a big impact on Vintage. Kind of insane that they made these, though.

These are insane in all formats without access to the original dual lands. The ability to cycle these when topdecked in the late game really puts them over the top.

They can still provide value in a ton of ways. Wrenn and 6 or Crucible of Worlds seems great. Something like Landstill could easily just run 2-3 of the Temur one to splash any Red/Green needed, and can cycle then play them thru the aforementioned cards.

@evouga Pioneer loves the crap out of these. My Jeskai Ascendancy/Emry deck will use these to replace 4x lands pronto.

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