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Song of Creation 1GUR

You may play an additional land on each of your turns.

Whenever you cast a spell, draw two cards.

At the beginning of your end step, discard your hand.

OK. This feels very, very good. Draw 2 cards per spell? WHAT?

Actually, you´ll probably need to watch your library carefully that you don't just lose to yourself...

EDIT: also, finally a great Flash-Rector target that is also castable.

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I finally figured out which colors I should run in Enchantress

@fsecco Yawgmoths Bargain is still better in a Rector shell. Not to mention Song of creation might as well be WUBRG.

@ten-ten It's better when resolved, but this you can easily cast. Anyway drawing 2 cards per spell got me interested, specially since you can play land, this and draw into Academy and still play it.

Totally absurd. I love that it even gives you the land drop you need to start comboing off on the spot after casting it.

Are there benefits to building around this enchantment rather than Paradoxical Outcome? This might be a sleeper hit that starts to shine if/when PO gets restricted.

@evouga I was thinking the same. But how do you feel about this as a 1-of IN PO?imagine POing for 3-4 and drawing this 👀

That effect for 4 mana is absolutely bonkers. You can basically always draw your entire deck if you untap with this/have enough mana. It's basically a permanent Mind's Desire.

By far the main thing holding this back is going to be the colored requirements. It's easier to generate 3 mana of the same color than 3 specific and distinct colors with things like black lotus.

You probably can't play this in a control deck since you can't really use this incrementally and you'll have a hard time closing games in one turn.

So, you are left with a combo deck. You need a shell that can play lots of spells to make sure you make the most of this card and an on the spot way to win. So Mentor, Tinker, Storm kill and/or Time vault.
I just don't see the Doomsday/Ritual deck that can support this and Gush being restricted means no Gush storm either.
So, you are probably looking a lot like an Outcome deck at this point. Are you playing this over Outcome or are you playing both? and if both, what are you cutting for this?

Unless you can somehow put together a Baral shell around this with manamorphose? How good would this card have to be to make a deck like that competitive?

In all honesty I'd start with 4 Lotus Cobra, 4 dr. Shaman, and X fastbond and go from there.

@macdeath said in [IKO] Song of Creation:

You can basically always draw your entire deck if you untap with this/have enough mana.

Well... If you want to untap with this you'll have no hand... So I don't think it works like that.
There's another card in the set that draws 1 per spell and has no discard clause though.

True,but it draws absurdly.worth playing stuffs like stifle.

plays well with lab maniac and a xerox shell.

various companion cards, i guess the GW one works if you're creatureless, are an interesting way to guarantee casting a spell after starting a turn hellbent. so are flashback/retrace/jump-start/etc cards

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