If someone can get the pic, please add, thanks.

Legendary Human

~ gets +1/+0 for each instant and sorcery in your graveyard

Whenever you discard one or more cards for the first time in a turn, draw that many cards.

Seems interesting enough to try with dack fayden, or Survival/Bazaar lists if they can fit it?

This makes breakthrough absolutley insane.

Oh god... Discard your hand, then draw x+4? Geiiiiim... Also not too shabby with wheel of fortune or tolarian winds. (Well, notion thief still better with wheel, but this ain't too bad with it either.) Are there any nice "each player discards their hand" effects for cheap?


Yup, Winds of Change costs R - Each player discards hand then draws that many

I am horrible at timing rules, how does this work with Chain of Mephistopheles? If good, seems great in a URB Dack/Chains lock control list. If not, ignore.

@serracollector it's not gonna work great. you discard a single card, this will then draw you one card which is modified by chains as usual. and I think you will usually be discarding a single card, due to chains. even if you discard multiple, a chains ensures that her ability will leave you with as many cards in hand as you'd have without her, though you do get the selection.

@pilsburydohboy42 Winds of change makes each player shuffle their hand in the library, so it wouldn't work. Burning Inquiry would work. You'd draw 3, discard 3 at random, and draw 3 more.

I kinda like breakthrough as the winner here. Draw 4, discard 4+X, then draw 4+X for only a single blue (and, it's BLUE). That's pretty awesome.

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What's the average math on Tolarian Winds?

@wagner ah, correct you are, i'm dumb haha

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