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Sprite Dragon - UR
Creature Faerie Dragon
Flying, Haste
Whenever you cast a noncreature spell put a +1/+1 counter on Sprite Dragon.

I can see this having some potential as a non-green pseudo managorger hydra in a UR Xerox shell. Another possibility is as a one turn kill condition in PO that doesn't require time walk and gets around leyline of sanctity and veil of summer. Definetly going to give this card a test.

as a one-turn kill condition it's not any better than stormchaser mage, which we've had for a while. this is a pretty good quirion dryad creature, though obviously different from hydra.

UR managorger, seems good

It Is faerie dragon non sprite dragon.....
It work with another creature named sprite dragon....

@babau it's the same card as Sprite Dragon. they're printing the godzilla promos with two names at the top, one the flavor name related to the franchise and the other the actual rules text name.

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