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I know Landstill isn't particularly in vogue at the moment, but could this be a finisher for that archetype? Or is it too narrow/slow?

Seems too expensive to play, so the cycling mode should be compared against the Angel board generators (the cycling thing, the miracle thing) for that kind of effect.

My verdict is no, but being blue is a hell of a drug so who knows

@ajfirecracker said in [IKO] Shark Typhoon:

My verdict is no, but being blue is a hell of a drug so who knows

Being blue, drawing a card, being uncounterable (by traditional countermagic), and being scalable, being overall cheaper than decree of justice

I think this cards playability is directly linked to standstills place in the meta and if it even has one, but I almost cringe to think that it would not be able to find room for a copy of this.

This is vertical growth, Decree is horizontal. I think we know which is better in Vintage in the last years.

Yea but you are not making an apples to apples comparison with these other than the fact that the deck can use them. In the other cases you're talking about 2 creates of the same mana cost with similar triggers.

Comparing this to decree at scaling mana, at what point does decree really get better
2 mana - Shark cycles, Decree cannot
3 mana - Shark cycles with 1/1 flyer, Decree just cycles
4 mana - Shark cycles with 2/2 flyer, Decree cycles with a 1/1
5 mana - Shark cycles with 3/3 flyer, Decree cycles with two 1/1s

I mean its not really until 5 mana that you can even measure vertical vs horizontal growth, and I don't think its really until 6-7 mana that you can start actually saying that decree is better wide than a single flyer. How often does that situation come up as opposed to cycling for like 4 mana?

Not to mention Landstill still runs Mana Drain. Even main phase draw a card for two, get a 4/4 flyer off Drain Mana, cast another Standstill is a decent play. And the obvious blue vs white thing with Force(s).

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@protoaddict I didn't see the shark had flying. Would say that's not on me though hahahahaha
That makes it better since the usual Vintage tokens can't chump it. Being blue makes it slot in non-white Landstill too. Still think it's bad for being too slow though.

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