Creature - Elemental Whale


Whenever Heavenly Whale attacks, you may put an instant or sorcery card exiled by Heavenly Whale into your hand.

seems most comparable to arcanist?

Yeah, kind of like stapling a draw engine to Delver of Secrets, but you can only play it later on

This seems like a very @Smmenen card to me

This is really playable. Great card!!!

A 3/3 flyer for UU that gets back Walk, and 3 Counter/Draw seems decent.

This guy wont hit the red-zone until, maybe, turn 4-5. Needs good cards to be in yard first, then Delved, then attack to get them back...Not good enough.

I honestly think this is really bad. If it gets removed (Bolt/Sword, whatever) you exiled you good spells for good. Not like Arcanist or Snapcaster where either you get your spell or they remain in the GY for later copies.

Now, IF the real text says that you can play any card exiled by any other "Whatever Whale", then we're talking.

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