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Human Tribal creature that hates on snapcaster, Dredge stuff, Flashback, the new companions, and a few other things. Probably not enough on his own but could see sideboard play as supplemental hate that hits a few different archetypes.

Also hits Bolas' Citadel

Doesn't stop Oath of Druids, Dredge's free creatures, or Tinker. I think most actual spell-casting in Vintage does take place from the hand

Soooo.....this is a lock with Uba Mask?

@serracollector said in [IKO] Drannith Magistrate:

Soooo.....this is a lock with Uba Mask?

Yes, and that might actually be something that isn't too hard to set up. Good catch.

Yeah, first thing that came to mind. Seems brutal.

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