Hey folks,

My name is James Hsu, I'm the co-founder of CardBoard.Live and creator of the Humans of Magic podcast.

I'm a complete Vintage scrub, just making videos for fun in times of COVID-19.

Here's my initial foray into PO with my CardBoard.Live co-founder Wilson Hunter. Wilson's a Legacy/Vintage fanatic with some Legacy GP Top 8s and Pro Tour appearances. He's also played in a couple of Eternal Weekend events.

Here's our playthrough together. I run Wilson's 75. He tells me how to actually play the deck. Much fun was had.


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Recorded April 1, 2020

Decklist: https://twitter.com/james_hsu/status/1245385009109712896

0:36 Wilson Hunter -- background
2:05 Paradoxical Outcome -- deck overview
15:45 Match 1 vs. Doomsday
58:38 Match 2 vs. Dredge
1:18:56 Match 3 vs. Oath of Druids
1:56:10 Match 4 vs. HollowVine
2:13:45 Match 5 vs. 4c Walkers
2:45:28 Post mortem & tweaks to decklist