Vintage 101: The Jeskai Experience

I would never have kept those hands. Probably why I'm a bad Jeskai player. Thanks for the read.


I'd certainly be interested to hear your thoughts as to why. 🙂

@volrathxp I always like to have a lot of two-for-one or major tempo plays in my hand (moxes). I don't keep a hand that leans on casting multiple FoWs for that reason. The hands you showed had a lot of one-for-ones. Albeit there were some good tempo plays.
I don't think I understand Jeskai because it doesn't do enough broken stuff to be as dominant a deck as it is.
So to be specific;
The first hand I would keep.
The second I would not because if the preordain gets dazed you have no white mana. Relying on Preordain for mana is a bit sketchy too.
The third I don't like because you have a lot of land a not much action.

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@john-cox Note that I did not say to Keep the third hand. 🙂

The second hand is complex and kind of on the cusp I agree. If you were to be Dazed it could be awkward for sure. Again, it really depends on what you're playing against for sure.

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