Multiple Vintage Champions Per Year

@Juggernaut-GO I hear what you are saying. I respect what you are saying because it's not wrong. But in my humble opinion, that's just not how competition works. I have no problem with holding tournaments in... anything. Magic, Chess, Tennis... whatever. And calling the winner the champion of whatever. As for an asterisk, I actually think they would just be pointless, because they would represent something that is in fact, always present in competition. Imagine if every time there was an injury or illness in one of the top 25 tennis players, the winner of Wimbeldon got an asterisk... there would be one every single year. Same for the World Series, the Superbowl... The NFL would never market their sports by saying, "Congrats to the Broncos!, Winners of the Superbowl so long as one considers their good fortune with regard to staying relatively healthy with regard to other teams who might have otherwise beaten them..." That's basically what an asterisk would be.

Staying healthy, and showing up is just part of competition... any competition. It isn't a person's fault when they can't get there, or get sick or whatever... its just the game... every game. So whatever. Just give the Champ their due... they showed up and won.

@Klep Who cares what Wizards says... I'm calling the winner of that tourney the World Champ. Period. I still call the White Sox's home ball park Comisky Park (Even though that guy was kind of a jerk)... If U.S. Cellular wants to pay me an annual fee to call it something else, I would take their phone call.

How about just recognizing a Vintage US champ and a Vintage European champ and calling it a day?

@Topical_Island Agree with that NFL comparison to a degree, my greater point was that it's kind of silly to label someone the world champion just because they ran good in one particular tournament. It's always been an inside joke between me and my more casual vintage friends.

In this case, one would crown the Broncos super bowl champs from a random regular season game, rather than the real super bowl.

But there are people who value titles and think they make themselves more important, but if one were to come into work the day after winning vintage champs bragging about being the new fucking world champion of vintage magic, the co workers would say something along the lines of "hey bro, that's fantastic, now go put down some more fries before the lunch rush comes."

I think the idea of having a US and Euro champ is completely fair. There are probably thousands of vintage players in Europe who over the past decade + never made the trip to play in the championship event here in the United States and they likely see us calling it the world championship tournament as big of a joke as I do.

Since when has Vintage been about being fair? I know players here in the U.S. That, for whatever reason, can't make the trip and don't live near regular vintage tournaments. This conversation would be different if we actually had vintage Grand prix, or whatever. Maybe..

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Take Top 4s from America, Japan, and Europe Champs, have a mini-tournament as part of the MtG World Championship, winner is World Champion. EZPZ

I just want an invitational card.

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