Team Serious Invitational, Feb 2020

TSI Feb 2020

The Team Serious Invitational is back and it's worth watching, goddamnit. 35ish inebriated planeswalkers will converge on Columbus, OH tomorrow with the most ridiculous brews they can muster, and you get to see it all. Coverage will be hosted by the legendary Moes cousins @GrandpaBelcher and @GeoffMoesDoesn'tEvenHaveATMDAccountYouAsshole.

See the action unfold in real time tomorrow, February 8th, coverage starting at ... I don't know probably 1:00PM EST? I mean stop rushing us already.

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The last time I attended a Team Serious Invitational, I won it with Death Survives: Death Shadow Survival. I plan on winning this time with an equally absurd list.

Don't miss @cutlex , who is playing a list I designed for him that he hasn't looked at yet. And @cleverpseudonym who is still deciding whether or not he wants to play a different list I designed for him that he hasn't looked yet.

I predict a Brass Man deck wins and I get a card restricted.

I've seen the decks that @lhc and @volrathxp are playing and they're both GREAT.

My deck is going to lead to some very short games so I'll probably have lots of time to try and sneak on camera.

Hope to see you there.

My money’s on Josh “CoffeeCup” Chapple, “The Late JC.” I know what he’s playing and it is hot.

Also hype for Twaun P. Pwnertown and Mark Trogdon showing up out of nowhere. I’m hoping for some creative solutions out of those two.

And it’s J. Pare’s M.O. to not play for years and then 5-0, 10-0 the Swiss.

There’s no shortage of talent here, but all of it is drunk. Should be a great time.

Congrats to Jaco!
Great to see @Brass-Man turning critters sideways in vintage. Should’ve packed Man-o-war for that BSC though.
Great to watch everyone, as always! Thank you.

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