Vintage 101: Consulting Demonics

I always enjoy these little update on the format articles, thanks for putting them out.

I played a paper event in NC 2 weeks ago with notmi's Sun Titan oath deck. Even with a bunch of bad sideboarding decisions on my part I still took second, beating combo, dredge twice, and finally losing in 3 to paradoxical oath. My takeaway was that breach was fantastic, and prdoxical outcome is still on the border of too powerful for the format 🙂

Since then I have been brewing a paradoxical list that runs breach as yawg will 2 and 3, as well as running brain freeze/demonic consultation and thassa's oracle for an easy self mill win that doesn't care about things like veil of summer, and the alt win cons with vault/key etc that naturally slot into a paradoxical deck shore up any reliance on the grave that breach has. Its been fun to goldfish, just wish I had the cards on modo.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a UR delver with breach just as a way to cast an extra 3 lightning bolt/time walk/ancestral. It is a great way to add reach in the late game, and can act as a dreadhorde arcanist early.

I definitely think oracle and breach both have staying power in vintage, and I look forward to the future decks involving them.

I have been pleasantly shocked by Thassa in general. It looks like this card finally pushed the power level of the Lab Maniac win condition just enough that now it is making silly combos that previously were too cute work well in multiple formats. It's making Inverter of Truth into a real thing in Pioneer, and apparently doing something similar in Vintage.

I'm wondering if Stifle and similar cards get a boost, since that's practically the only way to interact with this outside of countermagic.

@maximumcdawg I started packing 4x trickbind in certain sb builds. Trickbind is highly underrated. Stopping a PW ultimate for no emblem is big, stopping a grisel draw 7 (if they are at 14 or less life), stopping thassa win, and of course tendrils storm. There are fringe cases where trickbind is excellent, but I find that there are so many fringe cases, it's actually playable. The fact that it can't be missteped or FoWed for just 1 extra mana is worth it over stifle to me.

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