[TBD] Eidolon of Obstruction


We got there everyone. Seems like it's going to be more of a player in modern and pioneer, but it will often prevent an oko or teferi or narset activation the turn they come down.

I thought I'd like it but you just treat it like a sphere and play Oko on turn 4 to make it irrelevant.

In what way is it irrelevant if it forced your opponent to do something later than they needed to while also being a 2/1 first striker?

It also taxes every turn and ever walker, so unless you elk it with oko it just keeps doing what it does.

It's maybe a little better than phyrexian revoker if you play it before they've played a walker, but oh so much worse if you play it after.

@boogdish feels apples and oranges to me. This affects all walkers, not just 1 card, and there have been a lot of superfriends decks as of late. First strike, spirit subtype, needs colored mana, etc. The cards are a great deal apart honestly.

Wrenn and Six for RG, pay 1 to kill this guy, carry on with your day.

I am glad they are printing "nerf PWs" cards, but I think this is far too tame. If abilities were an additional 2...then maybe we're talking, especially with multiple PWs. But 1 seems like such a minor hurdle.

My presumption is that you are likely playing this besides thalia and other taxing effects, so pay 3 for wrenn may not be as easy as all that.

Yes, this should have been 2 like on Supression Field or simply "Activated abilities of planeswalkers can't be activated". As is, it's unplayable.

I like that they produce cards that can adress planewalkers but this one looks far too weak to be of any real use in the format.

Agreed, needed to be much more aggressive if it's that narrow.
Either 2 mana OR hitting all activated abilities of your opponent.

Black version could have discard a card
Red version could have deal 2-3 damage
Green version could have put a 1/1 in play

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