Soul-Guide Lantern
When Soul-Guid Lantern enters the battlefield, exile target card from a graveyard.

T, Sacrifice Soul-Guid Lantern: Exile each opponent's graveyard.

1, T, Soul-Guid Lantern: Draw a card.

Although 1 mana more expensive, this has a lot of advantages over Tormod's Crypt. It does something right away and also doesn't target the opponent to exile the whole graveyard (oh, and can cycle if needed). I really like it.

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Misstepable, but probably a strict upgrade for most decks that want this effect. Im guessing this becomes the second most wanted dredge hate card next to leyline.

better than sentinel totem, if you were wanting to keep your own graveyard, while being a crypt/spellbomb effect that doesn't target.

Just saw this card now and I love it. Nihil Spellbomb is my favorite grave hate spell, and was a 1-of in any non-pure-combo black deck I've played for years. I literally yesterday was working on a Trinket Mage deck thinking "this list would be better as RUG over BUG, but I really want to run Nihil Spellbomb. This will be good in small numbers for a wide spread of archetypes. I get that this isn't particularly as sexy as Breach, but I suspect in the long run this is the Theros card that will see the most play and win the most games.

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