I do have really have a place to post thoughts about MTG cards aside from here so I'm going to put this out in the aether.

I think fetch lands have had an adverse effect on Magic overall, but their function is needed to be able to play any decks that do interesting things in my opinion. I think they could have been designed in a way to minimize their hyper efficient use by having them read something like this: Look at the top 10 cards of your library. You may reveal a (land type A) or (land type B) and put that into play. Put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in a random order. Exile this card.

Not sure if other players think fetch lands are not good for Magic but I wanted to share this thought.

I like the way they play in formats that have Wasteland, but immediately banning them in Pioneer was wise and they should probably be banned in Modern as well.

The Mirage fetches already had fixed this just fine. They went too far with Invasion.

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