Deal Me In Games 2019 Invitational Series results

We had 4 show up for some fun and games at the December vintage event. They did a round robin against each other with Evan, Zach and Ryan going 2-1 and Dean going 0-3.

With those results in the final standings for the 2019 Deal Me In Games are as follows:

On behalf of Jason K (aka Blood) at Deal Me In Games I'd like to thank everybody who took part in our 2019 Vintage events. With the players, there really is nothing going on. We appreciate your continued support.

And now I'd like to congratulated our 2019 top 8 point earners who will receive seats at the 2019 Invitational series. They are, in order of finish with point totals:

  1. Joe Brennan 111
    2 Zach Dobbin 100
    3 Dean Harris 98
    4 Greg Hoover 88
    5 Ryan McKinney 80
    6 Evan Hundertmark 71
    7 Nick DiJohn 60
    8 Stephen Harvey 56

Due to scheduling conflicts we do not have a set date for the first event of the 2020 series or the 2019 top 8 invitational. More information on this will be coming.Deal Me In Games 2019 point totals

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Grats to Zach! -Amazing that this event (small as it was) pushed him to second overall.

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