Vintage 101: I Heard it Through the Hollow Vine

I really like this Hollow Vine deck, it's basically Dredge minus Dredge. I think some of the Dredge tech might be worth considering here, such as Cabal Therapy, Vengeful Pharaoh, and even Hogaak.

Its time to restrict Mox Opal. One of the main fuel for PO

This is the only "dredge" deck I could see myself playing. I have been looking for some info on it.

I've played a couple of leagues similar list, Force as only blue pitch spell, add Bloodghasts, Hogaak, OUAT, Petrified Field. The deck is fun to play, as it's very fast and a lot of opponents don't totally know what's going on so you get a little edge from that. I'm 5-5 in matches, not a big sample size. I don't own Force of Negations so that's why I went with a Hogaak plan instead.

It mulligans about as much as dredge, but you're much less likely to steal a win on a mull to 2 or 3 like you are in dredge. It also doesn't have the Plan B of just being a hate bears deck like Survival does when it has a slower start. Obviously HanChoBai is doing really well with all the blue pitch cards, but I'm not seeing how this is better than dredge or survival. I'd love to watch someone really good at this deck play it, maybe I'd get it then.

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@boogdish as far as I can tell, it’s definitely worse in the vengevine mirror

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