This seems pretty good, or at least playable. I like the (visual) look of it too.

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Slow, but powerful for the cost. Play it on turn 1 off a mox, you get a more expensive preordain. Then just name any card in your hand that you plan to play in 2 turns (maybe holding a mox or another preordain or something) and attach a free draw 2 to it. that fast enough? Wouldn't you just rather play telling time or anticipate for that same 2 mana and draw the card NOW? Ponder/Preordain are basically the bar. You can play serum visions, and that card never sees play (you draw half the amount of cards as prophecy, but get the draw up front and all for just 1 mana).

I'm thinking this doesn't make the cut.

I see it as a 2 mana scry 2 draw 2 that's very slow, which is an awful ceiling.

At it's worst, it's a slow scry 2 draw 2 that requires you to cast a specific spell and can be destroyed to counter the draw spell. Having to cast the named spell is not good when you don't draw immediately due to fetchlands* or the course of the game changing what you want to react with, even changing so much your opponent is just winning before you're landing the draw trigger.

It would be great for a deck that wants enchantments in play and doesn't use fetchlands, like the kinds of decks that would crop up in standard.

  • Actually, my bad, of course you can name something in hand, not necessarily one fo the cards you 'top'. Duh, me.
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For 2 mana I would much sooner play Omen of the Sea out of that same set

  • Instant speed.
  • Also an enchantment so dodges a few specific counters.
  • Scry 2 Draw 1 instead of 2, but more up front value that does not happen over multiple turns.
  • Does not interact as poorly with fetches and shuffle effects.
  • Does not force you to telegraph your next turns play
  • Secondary value of another scry2 is probably better than peeking at both decks.

Both seem terrible though when we have the options in Vintage that we have, unless having an enchantment in play becomes very important for whatever reason.

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This probably holds little strategic value, but I like the possibility of bluffing by naming a counterspell that you don't have in hand, to try to keep your opponent from countering a spell.

This seems ok, if an enchantress Deck would ever be playable, however this also doesnt seem to push this archetype into relevance

So my rational on this is if I can cast this turn one, how often will I cast a cantrip turn three? If that is the case this is a scry 2, draw 2 for 2 mana. Thats not bad and probably what jeskai wants.

Omen of the sea seems better that this and I still prefer search for azcanta over both. Then again, I’m looking at it from the long term control and advantage. Omen will definitely fit nicely in pauper.

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