Advice on my black and blue deck

Im a new member here, but ive been playing magic for a long time. I have lots of decks, this one is 'mine' basically a home brew black and blue deck ive been tinkering around with since 1994. every once in a while I like to look online for advice about it. Heres where im at with it right now:
4 force of will
4 daze
2 spell pierce
3 jace, the mindscuptor
2 tezzeret the seeker
1 tinker
1 ancestral recall
1 brainstorm
1 ponder
1 time walk
1 mystical tutor
1 personal tutor

4 thoughtsieze
2 duress
1 demonic tutor
1 vampiric tutor
1 imperial seal
1 yawgmoths will

1 black lotus
5 moxes
1 mana vault
1 sol ring
1 mana crypt
1 lotus petal
1 time vault
1 manifold key
1 blightsteel colossus

4 underground sea
2 watery grave
1 library of alexandria
1 tolarian academy
1 bloodstained mire
1 flooded strand
1 marsh flats
1 misty rainforest
1 polluted delta
1 scalding tarn
1 verdant catacombs

I don't expect to win any big tournaments, I don't even run a sideboard. im not looking to tune it against any particular meta or anything, and in a way its kind of a showcase of my favorite cards from my collection.
ideally im looking to tinker/ blightsteel or vault key to win and I use tutors to try and get them as quickly as possible. jace and tezzerets ultimates are my back ups and I use discard and counters to protect myself.

I'm mostly happy with it, but have a few things id like advice about.
-I think I have 1 too many jaces.
-I think I might have too many counters.
-ive been thinking about adding another tutor (grim tutor) and a mind twist. but im worried about taking out blue cards for black ones because I often need to pitch a card to force of will to protect my combo.

ive never really been happy with my watery graves. sometimes I play 1 island and 1 swamp instead, sometimes I play darkslick shores instead. but none of those things feels like its quite right. sometimes I feel like 25 mana sources is too many and I can take out 1 or both of the watery graves for more counters / discard and tutors....

thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

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Dig through Time and Treasure Cruise. Mystic Sanctuaries to fetch for and maybe some basic islands.

I’d definitely replace a JtMS with Narset, Parter of Veils. Maybe a Snapcaster Mage or 2? Or Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy? And I agree that Cruise, Dig, and Mystic Sanctuary all belong in here.

Thanks for your advice, I'll have to look into some of those cards.
Would it make sense to replace the jtms with a timetwister? I have one, but I'm always wary of giving my opponent 7 new cards. Sometimes when someone plays a twister against me, it helps me out.

I'd definitely say Narset is a permanent 1-of in just about any blue deck henceforth. Also helps with your timetwister if you run it. Could possibly even do some amount of Notorious Thief since you are UB already.

Start running a sideboard, it does not make you somehow more causal and it is an important facet of the game.

1 Narset in the maindeck
1 Karn, the great creator in the maindeck
1 Mycosynth Lattice in the Sideboard
1 Voltaic key in the sideboard (or manifold I guess, better to diversify)
1 Trinket mage feels correct for the main deck
1 Snapcaster could work as well, or alternately Mystic Sanctuary
-2 Watery Grave, -1 Underground sea, +2 Island, +1 Swamp
Lotus petal feels worse than Mox Opal to me, but that could go either way

Cut 2 daze (you have 4x FoW already) and the imperial seal. As much as I love what seal does, it's too slow and you should find what you need plenty between cruise, dig, the other blue draw, vamp, demonic, tinker.

Also cut personal tutor - add a merchant scroll. It'll be better more often. And cut the 2 duress. With 4 thoughtseize and all that countermagic already, it's overkill. you need room for more bombs like Narset and Karn and perhaps one answer-all like chain of vapor. You can scroll for it too. Could add hurkyll's to your SB too.

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thanks all for the advice.
im dropping the 2 watery graves for 1 swamp and 1 island
and ive taken out 1 jtms for a timetwister

I really like the chain of vapor idea, just 1, or should I try to put 2 in?
to go along with that, im changing the personal tutor to a merchant scroll.

I like narset, cruise and dig of the other cards that got mentioned but I always get stuck on what to cut. I don't really have any cards in here that I don't like.

I really like seeing whats in my opponent's hand, im hesitant to cut the duress. until pretty recently I was running 4 of them.

and ive always liked my seal. with jace, the library, and all the card draw I have, putting a card on top of my library isn't so bad usually.

I was thinking about cutting some counterspells, but I always thought spell pierce was the weakest one, why should I cut daze instead?

mox opal is an interesting card to me, but I feel like lotus petal helps me more in the early turns and that's where I need it most

grim tutor keeps catching my eye. if demonic is maybe the best tutor ever, grim is pretty close... any card, into your hand, only 1 black mana more...and you know. a little bit of life...

thanks for your help

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if you're playing basics you're going to want more of your fetches to be polluted deltas

I know youre right about the fetches.. I do have 4 polluted deltas....
I just hate to bench my collection of fetches, its fun having all different ones.... 😀

the correct thing to do would be 4 polluted deltas and then 3 other fetches that can get islands, right? I would think blue is more important to me then black in an emergency situation

In that same train of thought, would it make more sense to have 2 islands and 0 swamps? Right now I'm only planning on 2 basics.

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As long as I'm babbling on about my magic cards...
Oh beautiful mana drain.....
Still one of the best counters ever?
Or one of the saddest victims of magics forward progress?
Banned in legacy? That's crap. With all the crazy cards and combos that have been played against me in legacy...I dont even play a blue legacy deck and I'd like to see it unbanned.
But in my vintage deck, my counter suite used to be 4 force of wills and 4 mana drains. I've been slowly phasing out the drains for cheaper counters. Leaving 2 blue mana up seems harder and harder. I want to put 1 or 2 back in because I miss the awesomeness.

But is it really too slow for vintage?

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